: Leviathan: Leviathan; Behemoth; Goliath (The Leviathan Trilogy) ( ): Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson: Books. Behemoth is a steampunk novel written by Scott Westerfeld and illustrated by Keith Thompson, and the second book in the Leviathan trilogy. This novel is the. The behemoth is the fiercest creature in the British navy. It can swallow enemy battleships with one bite. The Darwinists will need it, now that.

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Currently published in the Brazilian edition. Open Preview See a Problem?

Behemoth (novel)

This reviewer could have used less of the words “barking” as in ‘that’s barking ridiculous’ and, most unfortunately, “bum-rag”. The story begins in the middle of the day on the great airship Leviathan but within a few pages, a battle is raging, and there’s no time to explain to newcomers what is going on – that Dylan and Deryn are, in fact, one person and the feminine pronouns are no mistake; that Alek is actually Prince Aleksander, heir to the recently-assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand; and why the Lev So Things must be accepted as they are without questioning the logic.

They prepare the Committee’s walkers for throwing spice bombs. I sort of want one.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld

Things are explained too easily, using too many exclamation marks. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this book.

Westerfed escapes from his prison camp and goes on the run with his men and the loris while Count Volger stays behind to fend-off the pursuit, forcing Alek to take on new responsibilities. Sep 19, Denisse rated it really liked it. The year is and Europe, armed with futuristic machines and biotechnology, is on the precipice of war.


You write in such a shallow way! Like Charles Darwin’s expanded exploits being the basis for the Darwinist advances, Westerfeld provides a similar back-story though not yet as well explored for the Clanker advances, which are based on the work behe,oth Nikola Tesla, the real life contemporary of Thomas Edison.

After the battle, Alek and his men are put under guard. Hoping till the day I die guys. Then you have Thompson’s stunning illustrations that I gushed over so much in the first book – they’re no less gorgeous here, and really bring the world to life. German cover of Behemothreleased April 25, The book features over 50 delightful illustrations provided by Keith Thompson and the audio book version is narrated by actor Alan Cumming.

I just feel it.

Overall this is an endearing book full of enjoyable characters, behemooth mechanical contraptions, and amusing beasties. And I love that Deryn and Alek show how perhaps the two sides share more similarities than one would expect, and that perhaps the war isn’t as black and white as they would have previously believed. A Tale of Langdon St.

I am really excited and interested beheemoth see how this trilogy ends. Although this book has a slightly more darker and sinister feel than Leviathan, there are several moments of levity and mirth to provide a nice overall balance and that prevents the story from becoming bleak.


I do have to say that Dr. Huge armoured fortresses are advancing across the wastelands – a new behemotg terrifying kin That would be a mite unfair since I think he was on the cover of the first book. Although, I think these books have the most effective use of world building. The night of the escape, Alek is taking watch over Dr. The plot kept me qesterfeld, and I thought a lot of the turning points were quite clever. In the first he was rescued, manipulated into driving a walker.

Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld book review

I understand her reluctance to share her true identity with him, but I feel confident that when the time finally comes Alek will be a splendid little chap and go “girl it ain’t no thang!

Alek and Klopp take action without orders when they discover that the Westeffeld carries a Tesla cannonbut, although they manage to save the LeviathanAlek is injured when Mr.

And it was just the icing on scort cake when I saw an illustration of Bovril saying that on the back cover of my book.

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