5 quotes from remembered rapture: the writer at work: ‘No black woman writer in this culture can write too much. Indeed, no woman writer can write too. Remembered Rapture: Dancing with Words bell hooks. Writing is my passion. It is a way to experience the ecstatic. The root understanding of the word. Remembered Rapture celebrates literacy, the joys of reading and writing, and the lasting power of the book. Once again, these essays reveal bell hooks’s.

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When the reviewers say her work is repetitive, it is NOT because it has already been published somewhere else! And hooks, in her usual, forthright and engaging style, makes plain her opinions: I now know more about the black woman’s struggle in hools literary world than I ever thought I would. Apr 24, Betsy rated it it was amazing.

I would just like to close this review by another quote from rapturd book: I loved these essays and her feminism is that with which I most closely identify. It is writing that truly rescues, that enables us to reach the shore, to recover.

She kept insisting that there was some white supremacist conspiracy created to belittle her work. People hookw bel hooks for the accessibility of the language that she uses, and that’s true–but this book is dense. A moving testimony to passion for the written word, and to the inherent difficulties of becoming a purveyor of both language and ideas.


Often I find that in some areas of womanhood I am still very naive! I recommend this book to ANY woman who wants to write.

remembered rapture Quotes

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Oh, that’s what it is. And beyond the challenges, the gift of finding your literary, poetic and political voice. Her passion for words is the heartbeat of this collection of essays. Jan 14, Aunnalea added it.

remembered rapture Quotes by bell hooks

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Interesting and easy to read, although there is some redundancy. Bell hooks also makes excellent observations about African-American literature that for some reason and despite international recognition of people like Toni Morrison the publishing world refuses to see as being of literary value.

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? This volume functions not ohoks as a testament to the importance of creative expression, but also as a commentary on the prevailing market forces that determine the viability of that work. But I’ve moved twice in the last year, and somewhere this book got shoved remeembered a box that hasn’t been unpacked. Check out the top remembfred of the year on our page Best Books of Description With grace and insight, celebrated writer bell hooks untangles the complex personae of women writers.

Hannah rated it really liked it Feb 07, We do not write because we must; we always have remembreed. It is a way to experience the ecstatic.

Her point about how black female writers historically have often died bel, and therefore cannot afford rememberee niceties of waiting to write the family memoir until their parents are dead, though, that struck me. Even though writing is a solitary act, when I sit with words that I trust will be read by someone, I know that I can never be truly alone.


Loved the tributes to writers who influenced her, particularly the essay on Toni Cade Bambara. And if they need to write the story as it is for therapeutical reasons, there really isn’t any need to publish it. Feb 20, Terre marked it as to-read.

She offers interesting insight, won Like with all of hooks’ books, I took my time with it but thought about it constantly. Back cover rwmembered Born and raised in the rural South, bell hooks learned early the power of the written word and the importance of speaking her mind.

Remembered Rapture

In these impassioned essays, prolific writer hooks offers the process and politics of writing with her rememberef of memoir, autobiography, diary writing, and poetry.

A Pedagogy of Hope” and found this book to be equally smart, if not more personal. Such writing is not an anchor that we mistakenly cling to so as not to drown.