7 May Bengali Indrajal Comics-V20N25 – Sukrer · Bengali Indrajal Comics-V20N24 – Oporajeyo · Bengali Indrajal. 20 Jul Comic # Indrajal Comics(Bengali): No(Betal):Ghurni-Sagore And, if you already have read the English version,enjoy this Bengali. Bengali Indrajal Comics # Bhayankar Parjyatak. Uploaded by Pradip Baksi. Bengali Indrajal Comics, Betal. The comics was published decades ago, much.

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Anonymous 22 August at Recently in old book markets of collage streets I asked few booksellers about IJCs.

Posted by Bengali Bengwli Comics at 9: God bless you all. Subhadeep Sen 3 August at It was Narda who proved the existence of 8?


I can feel how you enjoyed it because you already knew that narda was the first person who had been kidnaped by 8 and sure it add some extra thril in your reading pleasure. Pratham je betaler boi publish hoye chhilo January e sei boitai “Laljadukarir Rahasya” amar pratham upload.


Marina benvali January at Posted by HojO at 1: It was publishes in December I read the first part in around and could lay my hands on second part in one second hand shop in college street only in ! About Me Betal Indrajal Comics is my first love.

Bengali Indrajal Comics

I tried to concentrate only in the main story. Kaushik 10 July at Posted by Bengali Indrajal Comics at 5: But, it was not another of those ‘Diana-kidnapped-by-some-lover-prince’ kind adventures,rather a gruesome murder-plot where that conman Dice tried to kill Diana, using a couple of ferocious killer sharks! Father of 1st Phantom who was the cabin boy of Christopher Columbus founded this mountain with his friend Caribo and they climbed it.

New Lee Falk book 7 years ago.

Remember that cold-blooded killer couple?? Natun Bachharer Suvhechchha sabaike!! Regarding ACK, I don’t have any of the first ten.

Wednesday, March 24, 1st Bengali Indrajal Comics. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I have stumbled upon a long lost treasure thanks to u. Here is my own answer and I want to share your experience too. Al Williamsonartist bbengali, comics. Anonymous 3 December at Anonymous 14 March at So, getting a chance to read it would be a real pleasure and thanks for that.


Thanks a lot to the team for this effort. Arijit Biswas 31 July at Diana asked is it broken comcis storm but phantom replied the basket was not broken it is chopped. Dr Soumya Sengupta 17 September at Seta hate pelam anek pore, ekta purano boi er dokane. The best came from 11 only.

Bengali Comics and Books: Bengali Indrajal Comics

So you have Amar chitra kotha 2 and what is your earliest issue in indrajal? Visitors Get the NeoCounter widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Welcome to the world of Devil.