Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger [Peter Bevelin] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Normal wear. May have some highlighting or. Simply the best book on improving your decision making there is. It’s dense and hard to get through if you’re not truly interested, but it’s well worth it. Seeking Wisdom – by Peter Bevelin. ISBN: Date read: How strongly I recommend it: 8/10 (See my list of + books, for more.).

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Becoming by Michelle ObamaPaperback 1. Skip to main content. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. Or is it that we just can be a little less ignorant, a little less imprudent or thoughtless? Peter Bevelin’s aim is to put the reader wlsdom the path to multidisciplinary thinking and for me he greatly succeeds. We are disliked if we don’t allow people to give back what we’ve given them.

Am I risking something important for me for something of relatively low utility for me? A very good book. Consider people’s actual accomplishments and past behavior over a long period of time rather than first impressions. On that note, the book somehow is self contradictory where it talks about seeking wisdom but does exactly what prevents us from seeking it, i.

Combines wisdom that you’d see in a book of cognitive biases with “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Describes all the big ideas from Newton, Ben Franklin, to Munger. His quest for wisdom originated partly from making mistakes himself and observing those of others but also from the philosophy of super-i Peter Bevelin begins his fascinating book widdom Confucius’ great wisdom: It activates hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which keeps us attentive to harm since we need full attention to escape from a threat.


Money, status, power, envy? Customers who viewed this item also viewed. How do we get people to take inner responsibility for their actions? A book to return to.

Brilliant piece of work!

Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger 3rd Edition Ship | eBay

Also, some of the writing has a hodge-podge feel to it, and in the Third Edition it feels as if Bevlin simply added scattered facts to the old framework without making any systematic revisions—the result is a jarring and inconsistent read.

Becoming by Michelle Obama Hardcover Book 3.

Aug 20, InvestingByTheBooks. May 15, Sanford Chee rated it really liked it. An example of a really responsible system is the system that the Romans used when they built an arch. In rare cases, if you have read books such as ‘ The Mind of the Market: What does this imply in numbers today? When the cost of denial is worse than the benefit of facing reality, we must face reality.

Male brain vs female brain The brain exists to make better decisions about how to enhance reproductive success. Nassim Taleb’s Turkey problem; no obfuscation; suffer no twaddle – Simplification: But, the book is organized so that you go through the steps of uncovering the mental processes first. Ill science if you’re looking to improve your own rational understanding of human behavior, psychology and strategic thinking. Beliefs have biological consequences Fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain Our brain operates more on pattern recognition than logic Cost of doing nothing can be greater than the cost of an action Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome Human beings are good at interpreting new information so that prior conclusions remai More a compiliation of Buffet and Munger’s words of wisdom than a book.


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Seeking Wisdom From Darwin to Munger 3rd Edition Ship

In order for the post mortem to be effective we need to write down our decisions from the outset and how we felt emotionally at that point. How do we create demand? Also, I know this book isn’t academic, but some references would be nice the appendix contains references for quotations, but not the studies.

Albert Schweitzer How well do you know what you don’t know? Wisdom from Munger and Buffett was just more block quotes.

Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin To Munger

Why do we behave like we do? Includes underestimating the power in giving people reasons. I could have seen it as “inspiration for the book”.