The full name for the book known as Beyond Counting by James Grosjean is actually Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. James Grosjean is a gambling expert and author best known for his book Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker. 6 Aug Grosjean Beyond Counting. Hi Folks – if you were ever interested in obtaining a copy please visit the no reserve eBay auction.

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Grosjean is the youngest ever person to be inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame and continues to play blackjack around the world.

American blackjack players American gambling writers American male non-fiction writers Living people. Jul 8, Jul 9, After seeing what you did to this guy, I’m sure not going to try and hock it off on here, though! This page was created in 0.

I’ll grosjwan love it, but my tastes run esoteric. Goes beyond the work of Uston and Wong. Some of the strategies the book touches on include: He is witty and an elegant stylist. Beyond Counting provides information for playing modern casino games with an advantage. Only a few months later, a similar incident occurred at Imperial Palace. Oct 14, Threads: From what chatter I hear, sloppy games are easier to find in countries off the beaten track.


Expertmagician Inner circle Posts. The book is apparently good for casino rats who will move around a lot and may have more opportunities than someone standing still.

Review of Beyond Counting by James Grosjean

Got the old one and care to comment on that? November 11th, at 2: For a deck of cards to be shuffled countinh a point that they are truly random takes 30 shuffles. Everybody will have to make his own call on that one as I would but the morality of it in a grey area too.

Although I haven’t read it yet, I have to say it looks great. Ed Thorp did the introduction of this second edition.

Grosjean seems able to put almost any concept into a chart, a table, or a mathematical formula. Feb 13, Threads: Don’t think you’ll be disappointed, considering your interests. Just say no to 6: Just be ready for a VERY math-intensive book. In addition to providing brilliant analysis, Grosjean writes well. Before long the pair were approached by security guards. Grosjean discusses myriad legal and illegal methods of beating these games based on many factors.


Beyond Counting

The edge was now significantly in favour of the player. Griffin maintained a database of advantage players and known cheaters from across the world.

May 22, Threads: Also, this is not just a math book. Feb 21, Threads: They were forcefully removed from the tables and taken to a back room. Jul 18, Threads: Given the nature of the incident, Griffin were found to be directly responsible.

James Grosjean: Beyond Counting – Champion Bets

Grosjean assumes his readers are already familiar with the basics of blackjack, card counting and the mathematics of gambling in general. Having purchased a lot of books with vertical subject matter, gambling, history of gambling, playing cards, beyknd, this book is definitely not overpriced.

The book outlines a range of different casino games and legal ways in which a player can gain an edge or, at the very least, break even.