Your positive review means a lot to us. Kindly Rate our app. In Jainism Bhaktamar stotra is Extraordinary and most power Mantra that every Jain apply in his life. Bhaktamar Stotra is one of the famous Jain sanskrit prayers. It is said to be composed by Manatunga. The name Bhaktamara comes from a combination of two. Product description. Bhaktamara Stotra is the most famous of the Jain prayers. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga. Bhaktamar stotra is gem of devotional.

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Nityodayam dalitamoha mahandhakaram gamyam na rahuvadanasya na varidanam. Your infinite virtues and passionlessness cannot be eclipsed. I have decorated it with charming and kaleidoscopic flowers.

Bhaktamara Stotra – Wikipedia

Udbhutabhishanajalodara – bharabhugnah shochyam dashamupagatashchyutajivitashah tvatpadapankaja-rajoamritadigdhadeha, martya bhavanti makaradhvajatulyarupah. Yet, my devotion for you forces me to sing hymns in your praise, just as the cuckoo is compelled to produce its melodious coo when the mango trees blossom.

Mandara sundara nameru suparijata santanakadi kusumaotkra vrushti ruddha. Divyadhvanirbhvati te vishadartha sarva bhasha svabhava parinama gunaih prayojyah.

You are O Master, an irradiating divine lamp that needs neither a wick nor oil,and is smokeless, yet enlightens three realms. There is a temple at Bharuch with a section dedicated to the Bhaktamar and its author Manatunga. Ko vismayoatra yadi nama gunairasheshaih tvam samshrito niravakashataya munisha. Vaktum gunan gunasamudra shashankakantan kaste kshamah suraguru pratimoapi buddhya. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga seventh century CE. I am incapable of narrating your innumberable virtues.


Views Read Edit View history. Indeed,the darkness dispelling glare of the sun can never be seen in the stars and planets. This alluring scene presents impression as if the devout words spoken by you have changed into flowers and are drifting toward the earthlings.

Celestial nymphs have tried their best to allure you through lewd gestures, but it is not surprising that your serenity has not been disturbed. Bhinnebha – kumbha – galadujjavala – shonitakta, muktaphala prakara – bhushita bhumibhagah baddhakramah kramagatam harinadhipoapi, nakramati kramayugachalasanshritam te. With words bahktamar and expressions deep I give Thine supreme attributes a peep Just as Shruti others sang Thy praise It was Indra and other celestials craze.

In fact, what is the purpose of serving a master who does not allow his subjects to prosper to an elevated position like his? Indeed, who can contain the movement of devotees of the only supreme Godhead like you?

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Your feet are radiant like fresh golden lotuses. Kalpanta kala maruta chalitachalena kim mandaradri shikhiram chalitamkadachit. Tvamavayam vibhumachintya masankhyamadyam Sasnkrit. Bhaktamara Stotra is a famous Jain Sanskrit prayer.

Bhaktamar Stotra

Samyak pranamya jin pad yugam yugada- valambanam bhavajale patatam jananam. Vhaktamar Stotra is believed to be at least a thousand years old, though many believe it to be still older. Tulya bhavanti bhavato nanu tena kim va bhutyashritam ya iha natmasamam karoti. Chhatratrayam tava vibhati shashanka kantam uchchaih sthitam sthagita bhanukara pratapam.

Similarly numerous women give birth to sons but a remarkable son like you was sanakrit only to one mother; you are very special. Several spots near Bhopal and Dhar are traditionally associated with Manatunga.


It is believed that such an equal division into short and long syllables will help an aspirant attain the state of equanimity quickly, the meter itself serving as a catalyst mantra.

O monk of monks!

Bhaktamara Stotra

Nishpanna shalivana shalini jivaloke karyam kiyajjaladharairjalabhara namraih. Nnirdhumavartipavarjita taila purah kritsnam jagat trayamidam prakati karoshi. They are always and everywhere fearless as the silence of their deep meditation placates even the most brutal of the beings.

O Ornament of the universe! Prodyad divakara nirantara bhuri samkhya diptya jayatyapi nishamapi somasaumyam. Of course, is the great Mandara mountain shaken by the tremendous gale bhaktaamar the doomsday, that moves common hillocks? Fourteen Purvas The Prior Knowledge — considered totally lost. Your aura dispels the perpetual darkness. A lion who has torn apart elephant’s head with blood flowing under, scattering blood stained pearls on the ground, ready to pounce with growling sound, If your devotee falls in his grasp, and has firm faith in you, even the lion will not touch the devotee.

Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari. Check date values in: Incapable still I pray bhkatamar devotion Moved sansorit urge without hesitation Faces lion, a mother deer To rescue her little one without fear.