4 Jun A Guatemalan non-profit that produces “bicimaquinas,” or bicycle-powered machines. The income-generating devices range from blenders to. His organization, established in , has created at least 16 different kinds of pedal-powered machines, or bicimaquinas, using recycled bikes and parts. 19 Apr Bicimaquinas are bicycle-powered machines used as an informal, low-tech substitute for instruments that require electricity, which is too costly.

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The bike frames, handlebars, and drivetrains conserve time, money, and labor for farmers across the region. While the bicimaquinas serve villagers in achieving their specific purpose—grinding corn, pumping water, or washing clothes—it is the collaborative innovation among engineers in San Andres Itzapa and their North American partners which has bred a sustainable solution with promise for rural communities worldwide.

Bicimaquinas by Maya Pedal. Anthony Siracusa Anthony is a Memphis-based bicycle evangelist who spent a year riding and studying bike cultures in cities across the world. Without this bridge, the fabrication would not be possible. A common kitchen blender adapted to a converted bicycle. As well as building Bicimaquinas, we offer a bike repair service and sell used bikes in the surrounding area.

Take Maya Pedalfor instance—an organization Alex reported on back in This mysterious object could be an alien spaceship, says Harvard astronomer. The challenge of constructing the bicicuchilladora belonged to Victor, a teenager hired by Carlos.

Removes the outer shell of the coffee bean allowing small-scale farmers to then roast their own beans in the sun. With at least one bike pump in this video having been in service for fifteen years, it’s fairly clear that these solutions can make a real, long-term contribution to improving people’s lives.

Maya Pedal – Pedal Powered Machines in Guatemala

Video screen capture Makeshift We love bikes at TreeHugger. They are machines driven with pedal force, being an intermediate technology. When Juarez initially approached the community, locals were sceptical and sought out more high-tech solutions to their problems. The Mill function has the capacity to mill 3 lbs. Cheap to produce, these tiles have a great potential as the basis for a small business. Maya Pedal was founded in the wake of the Guatemalan Civil War, when volunteers from PEDAL, a Vancouver-based organization dedicated to bicycle-powered development, partnered with Guatemalan leaders to hatch the idea of a shop dedicated to bicimaquinas.


We also have some Sketchup models. Bike repair services are also offered to locals, and if a bike is deemed fixable, the workshop will revive it and sell it. The bicimolino corn mill and bicilavadora washing machine save energy—both physical and fossil—for women who once completed these tasks by hand every day. Take your laundry to the spin class with the Bike Washing Machine. Cyclists receive a free night with their tent on the property at the Maya Pedal.

This machine produces the vibrations required to force air bubbles out of concrete. Leg driven pedal power machines generate about 5 times the energy and productivity as arm powered machines and are generally 20 times faster than hand work.

Provides irrigation and drinking water where electricity is not available. We aim to be a center of pedal power research and development and an information resource for NGO’s promoting appropriate technology and small scale, sustainable agriculture.

Removes the outer-shell of macademia nuts at 7lbs per minute. We are supported by a number of international organizations and accept volunteers with a range of skills and interests.

It is a biciimaquinas to share our designs with other organizations that work with appropriate technology. Once used to move people, its bicycle parts now mince plastic in preparation for recycling or turning compost.

Maya Pedal Asociación

FAO is located in Chiquimula and is working with Maya Pedal to develop a machine to assist jute fiber extraction from agave leaves. Design Indaba select one or both Weekly editorial newsletter Festival and event updates.

Build Instructions Sketchup model. We have designed several bicikaquinas that are functional and economical.


Prototypes Bicycle Metal Sharpener. Produced by local non-profit company Maya Pedalthe bkcimaquinas are made up of old bicycle frames and transformed into all types of devices from blenders and pumps to milling machines and trailers. Many people rely on the makeshift machine to provide a source of income for families. Henry’s Trailer Sketchup Model. Still in the prototype phase, this pedal-powered washing machine has great potential in rural areas where washing clothes by hand is very time-consuming and inefficient.

The structure of Maya Pedal, consists of an administrative council and a board of directors men and women that bicimzquinas every 2 months on a voluntary basis. Another prototype with bicimaqyinas potential to provide a cheap source of electricity to power 12 volts for appliances in rural communities.

This feedback loop strengthens future design: K-Cup coffee is stupid. The machines themselves are made from the refuse of bicycles: This Solar Grill makes cooking easier in areas with no electricity Design Indaba Informal settlements in developing countries have to rely on open wood and charcoal fires or paraffin stoves to prepare their daily meals. Related Content on Treehugger.

Skip the rake and leave the leaves for a healthier, greener yard. The income-generating devices range from blenders to milling machines.

Design Indaba Conference Daily and Weekly newsletters available. Don’t bicimaqunas that energy drink! These emerging projects address critical issues such as access to clean air, food and water, shelter, health care, energy, education, social justice and the promotion of peace.


This international organization has 1. The bicimaquinas make a tangible difference for campesino villagers. We custom build both front-loading and rear-loading tricycles and a variety of trailers for hauling both human and non-human cargo. What are bicycle machines?