Results 1 – 10 of 71 Find Bilstein B8 Series Shocks and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Bilstein B8 Series stock-mount. Bilstein shocks have an additional oil reservoir, giving your shocks great heat dissipation and damping for off-road performance. Call Whether you’re looking to maintain, optimize, or upgrade, we offer competitive pricing on Bilstein Series Reservoir Shock Absorber – for your.

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We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage you to visit www. Outside, the shock has Bilstein’s exclusive Triple-C technology, consisting of three coatings, which provides easy care and lasting great looks. Guide to Shock Buying. He also completed a few other installs on the truck while there and you can read about those in the accompanying sidebar.

Electronic Struts vs Passive Struts. The Bilstein line of shocks use a dividing piston located in the reservoir rather than the shock body to provide more movement for the shock piston and more wheel travel than traditional shocks with the dividing piston located in the shock body. As a bonus, the reservoir mounting configuration is designed specifically for each application in other words, Bilstein has done the work for you.

Bilstein’s recommendations for reservoir mounting configuration were perfect and we’ve had no problems with reservoir-to-truck or reservoir-to-tire contact.

Bilstein 5160

Join our mailing list and get great deals sent to you! We’ve been averaging Subscribe to the Magazine. With over 60, miles on the ticker we bilsein decided it was time to swap ’em out. Bilstein remote reservoir bolt-on applications are currently available for many different trucks: Bilstein’s monotube technology, combined with the remote oil reservoir work together to ensure that no matter what you put bilsetin Bilstein shocks through, they will perform beyond your expectations.

Bilstein provides illustrations of how to orient the reservoirs to eliminate interference.


Bottom Line Bilstein did a great job bjlstein the s. If you want a shock that can bolt on to your truck and give you the performance of a full race shock, look no further than the Bilstein series. The installation of the rear shocks was easy and a simple bolt-in procedure.

Get a new car quote. Oh well, now we know that for our Power Wagon a leveling kit and 35s doesn’t decrease fuel mileage that much. We’ve heard blistein things about these tires so we’re looking forward to the results of this long-term test. For your brake repair needs we suggest: In the main shock body there’s a one-piece aluminum rod guide and seal, hard chrome piston rod, and large, self-adjusting digressive piston. Subscribe to a magazine. In this cutaway gilstein provided by Bilstein you can see the dividing piston in the reservoir.

Bolt these on and go racing!

The Series shock is designed to be installed in the stock shock mounting location and it’s available for a wide range of trucks and SUVs. The Series shock is a monotube shock with a remote-reservoir. The Bilstein remote reservoir shocks come with detailed instructions for mounting the remote reservoir. One-inch leveling kit and inch tires, The shocks seem unfazed by rough treatment and haven’t exhibited any sign of fade even after sustained travel on the aforementioned washboard gravel roads that are common where the vehicle is based in bilstien Illinois.

Well, not what we wanted anyway. Difference Between Shocks and Struts. No fabrication or modification is needed to install these offroad shocks.

For this install we pointed our truck into Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, where owner Matt Dinelli completed the install while we shot photos. Stock suspension height and inch tires, Besides, we had been lusting after a set of Bilstein Series shocks since the company announced an application for the Power Wagon in March of A Bilstein Billet Reservoir Clamp pictured above also available.

Suspension Brakes on June 1, Share this. On top of that, we lost approximately two degrees of approach angle, approximately two inches of front bumper height, and approximately an inch of rear bumper height. Get Digital Get Print. For the last few years our truck has been fitted with a 1-inch front leveling kit and 35x Bilstein remote reservoir shocks use Bilsteins patented digressive valving to provide the very best handling and control immediately, no matter the conditions.


Bilstein Offroad Racing Remote Reservoir Shocks –

There wasn’t anything noticeably biltsein with the shocks on our ’05 Dodge Power Wagon, other than the fact that they had been under our rig since it was new. And the ride is great, too. For the rear shocks we upgraded from the standard reservoir mounting kit to the optional billet aluminum reservoir mounting clamps.

For that reason we installed the stock-sized F-C II tires and we removed the leveling kit. The other change was an experiment to see if we could improve our rigs fuel mileage.

We used the optional billet aluminum reservoir mounting clamps, but the kit comes standard with polyurethane isolator blocks and hose clamps to mount the reservoirs.

Bilstein Remote Reservoir 5160 Series Shocks – Damping Power

All Bilstein shocks include a reservoir mount. The valving is outstanding and both on- and off-road our big Power Bjlstein is more controlled whether the surface is washboard gravel roads or rough pavement.

The shock install on our rig was relatively easy, but there are a few tricks to make it easier, which we’ll pass along here. The instructions included with the shocks are concise and easy to follow and help to make installation a breeze. Bilstein remote reservoir shocks offer the ultimate in offroad shock technology in a shock that bolts into your stock mounting points and uses included brackets to make mounting the remote reservoir simple and easy. Ken Brubaker Editor, Four Wheeler.