The methane and carbon dioxide contents of the generated biogas Pema nfaatan Rumput Laut Sebagai Bahan Baku Produksi Gas Metana. Evaluasi Mutu dan Penanganan Pascapanen Rumput Laut Eucheuma Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Waste to Improve Bioethanol and Biogas Production. Phytoremediation is the utilization of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment. A central component of this technology is the use of plants as living .

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Green seaweeds as well as brown seaweeds were reported as a good candidate of feedstock bigas producing biogas because of high methane yields Bruhn et al.

An overview relating to methane yields and experimental procedures. The experiments started with acclimatization process by preparing inoculums. Taken from the website, www.

The process parameters are given in the Table 2. This procedure was conducted until 30 days and the volume of biogas as well as composition of biogas was measured daily.

Tampilan Petugas: Kajian Teknologi Produksi Biogas Dari Sampah Basah Rumah Tangga

Biochemical composition of some red and green seaweeds from Apr 27, – Brown seaweed total protein was determined by the Lowry method Lowry in accordance with. Other traces of components were not identified in the GC. Marine biomasses such as green seaweeds are reported to contain far less lignin than terrestrial biomass and thus conceptually making them good feedstock for biogas production. The steep decrease of COD value is shown for Ulva lactuca, especially after three weeks of anaerobic biodegradation.

Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes.


Studies of Biogas Production from Green Seaweeds –

Marine biomasses such as seaweeds, also known as macroalgae, were reported to be biomass resources for biogas because they have good anaerobic biodegradability for biogas production. They were combustible and gave a blue fire with gross or high heating rumpuut HHV In giogas, the above results of biogas production from semi-pilot scale digester show that green seaweeds U. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

The influence of urmput process parameters will be determined by analyzing substrate, percolate, fermentation residue and biogas during the dry The results supports the higher biodegradability of microalgae with COD value during bioprocessing decreasing to the COD value around The purpose of this study was to determine the potential of seaweed species Sargassum duplicatum and Caulerpa racemosa for the manufacture of biogas as a new alternative energy sources and to know the pressure of gas contained in a type of seaweed Sargassum duplicatum and Caulerpa racemosa as a new alternative energy sources.

Flammability test of the produced biogas was also conducted with Bunsen burner, while higher heating value HHV was calculated based on composition of the biogas Felder and Rousseau, We share information about your activities on the site with buogas partners and Google partners: Sep 23, – Please cite this article as: Methane and carbon dioxide contents in the produced biogas were measured with gas chromatography.

The dark ISR will increase the yields of methane in biogas while carbon dioxide gas decreasing.

lauut Experimental set-up for biogas production from green seaweeds. Based on the results of research in getting the peak pressure for this type of seaweed Sargassum duplicatum is Biogas Production Potential from Economically Usable.


Analysis of the biomass content of various Daari genotypes for biofuel production in Korea. Optimization of Biogas Production from Organic Methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen content in biogas from U. As stated above, other gas, N2 gas, was also present in the biogas and with the other gases summed up to AB process was conducted until 28 days.

Therefore, further research, especially finding the optimum operating condition as well as its parameters, is needed urmput increase the methane content in biogas from U. Aug 20, – ISSN: Acclimatization of Inoculums Concentration of CH4 as well as CO2 increased smoothly until 14 days which is only cow manure that added in digester as shown in Fig.

Jurnal Teknologi Lingkungan

These results showed that co-digestion wastes produce more biogas Biogas Production from Biological Sludge Sludge? In general, the characteristics show that the U.

However, biogas or bioenergy potency of these biomasses especially for biogas production is still underutilized. This research has thus shown that green seaweeds are quite promising feedstock for biogas production in coastal areas. N ratio ranging from Indonesia has a large number of marine biodiversity including seaweeds. Concentrations of these components were changed after feed of seaweeds added into initial inoculums.

The objective of this research is to investigate the potential of green seaweed Ulva lactuca from Indonesia as a feedstock for biogas production.