Home > Product Manual. ROBOTIS e-Manual v Product Manual. Click the icon below to move to the product manual page. First of all, let’s study about the Bioloid’s hardware and software. The terms used here will be mentioned often throughout the manual so it is important that you. Read and completely understand the manual before trying to build a robot. .. Select ‘Start >> All the programs >> Robotis >> Bioloid >> Software >> Behavior.

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Thus, all users must set their channel to 1 for broadcast communication. Immediately recharge your battery Refer to Charge. Add code to control the gripper and arm using the remote controller. Robot in Action R: Operation Guide – When no change is detected, the fawn sits down and looks around. The InitializeGyro function reads the gyro sensor value 10 times in a 0.

You may obtain Lithium polymer batteries from www. Load 2 into Print with Line. Code to control the gyro sensor will be added to the task code used in the [Walking Machine] section. Double click an empty line or press EnterIn the Select Control window, select the controller to use, then press the OK button.


Choose the left parameter? If you change the channel of the controller, you must also change the channel of RC Start the Check Assembly Mode. When the lower sensor detects something, it will avoid the edge and turn right. Please note that not all products include a zigbee module and may need to be purchased separately.

The WalkExecute function executes each walking pattern and smoothly joins the walking pattern. Point towards the Biolloid receiver and try again. If the UseGyro variable is false, the robot it will not adjust itself.

This is to allow the robot to automatically configure its gyro sensors so that it can walk properly. All channels for the devises must pair to communicate. Turn the CM on and press the U button.


Set to control mode. Dynamixels used bioloidd robot actuators possess many functions. We want to play soccer or battle with several robots. Operation Guide – When it detects an object while walking, it will avoid it. Some of the cables have not been connected properly.

Isolate each motor and compare it to the standard posture.


By making a robot with grippers, you can expand the things buoloid can do with the robot. The alarm indicates that the robot is low on batteries. When absolute distance sensor detects an obstacle, the robot will stop and turn left until the obstacle is no longer detected. You can use these spare parts to make a gripper to your humanoid.


Several motion pages are gathered and repeatedly played to make up one walking pattern forward, backward, etc. Download the task code created above.

These sensors may be designed by the user or bought from a store. The callback function is a function that runs independently of the main program routine and is automatically executed at fixed intervals. Review the [Walking Machine] section before getting started.

Please be sure to acquire sufficient knowledge about circuits beforehand. Compare the position of the motors you have assembled to the basic posture. Press the buttons below to control the robot. The LED will turn on bioloiv show how much battery you have left as seen in the figure below.

When no motion is being played, the joint offset will not be applied even if a value is input by the gyro sensor.