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Turkish Journal of Botany Nisan Hakemlik: Asan H, Asan A. Muscidae by introduction of susceptibility genes.

bitir,e Microfungal community structure from forest soils in Northern Thrace Region, Turkey. Education as a factor affecting science. Airborne fungi in vegetable growing areas of Edirne city, Turkey. A rare male advantage in the housefly induced by wing clipping and some general considerations for Drosophila. The role of antibodies in immunity. Time activity budget analysis of nonbreeding teal Anas crecca at Sultan Marshes, Turkey. Doga Turkish Journal of Zoology, 17 1: Preservation of some Fusarium species in the sterile soil media.


Empiar İstatistik | Tez Danışmanlığı, Tez İstatistiği, Tez Analizi

Kara O, Asan A. Lack of minority advantage in Drosophila melanogaster mutants. Fusarium equiseti Corda Sacc.

A model of mating behavior in flies. Environmetal Monitoring and Assessment. Aspergillus, Penicillium and related species reported from Turkey.

Zarzar charur pdf free

Checklist of Cladosporium species reported from Turkey. Kence obtained the B. Erdem, False flax Camelina sativa seed oil as suitable ingredient for the enhancement of physicochemical and biological properties of chitosan films, ” International Journal of Biological Macromolecules “, s.

Characteristics of Gymnomycota, Mastigomycota and groups of them. Methods to access knowledge, sampling and accumulation of tezo. He was a renowned biologist and entomologist who published more than publications in the fields of genetics, morphometrics, ecology, ethology, evolutionary biology and conservation biology.

Contamination and prevent of microbial growth in foods. Isolation, identification and seasonal distribution of airborne and waterborne fungi in Terkos Lake Istanbul-Turkey.

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Entomology Society Publication, 3. Journal of Apicultural Research, 46 1: Allozyme variability in a Central Anatolian Honeybee population. PESI – a taxonomic backbone for Europe. Proceedings of the Industry and Environment Conference, Ankara. Fungal concentration of indoor bitigme outdoor air in three mosques of Edirne, Turkey and climatic effects.


Checklist of Alternaria species reported from Turkey. Apidae populations of Turkey inferred from microsatellite analysis.

Dyer, Ursula Eberhardt, Jack W. Telefon E-Posta tazebay gtu.

Hibbett, Seung-Beom Hong, G. Genetic relationship among twelve bumblebee Hymenoptera: Ulusal Biyoloji Kongresi Sivas Bildirileri.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet ASAN | Personel Web Sitesi Havuzu | T.C. Trakya Üniversitesi

National Biology Congress, Izmir. Microbiological production of foods. Activity budget analysis of nonbreeding mallards Anas platyrhynchos at Sarp Lake, Turkey.

Microbial growth, Expression of mathematical growth of microorganisms: Genetic aspects of human male infertility: Airborne fungi and bacteria in the indoor and outdoor of day-care centers in Edirne City, Turkey. Taxonomic problems in Fusarium genus. Aktumsek, In vitro antioxidant capacities and fatty acid compositions of three Centaurea species collected from Central Anatolia region of Turkey, ” Food and Chemical Toxicology “, 48,s.

Fusarium moniliforme Sheldon Microfungi in cultivated fields in Eskisehir province Turkey. Kence, Genetic structure of honeybee, Apis mellifera L.