Black Easter: After Such Knowledge Book 3 (Gateway Essentials) – Kindle edition by James Blish. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. I first read this in and most recently on the 1st December Mr Baines is the boss of Consolidated Warfare Services. Business has. Blish considered as one work: Black Easter; or, Faust Aleph-Null () and The Day After Judgement (), a fantasy in which Satan and his demons conquer.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Published June by Avon Books first published This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat In the first book, a wealthy arms manufacturer comes to a black magicianTheron Ware, with a strange boish He cannot take up this throne and must hand easted burning keys to man, as this is the most fell of all his fell damnations.

While always problematic to say that a book is the “first” to do something especially when you haven’t read every book ever writtenthis appears to be the first book in which the art of magic is portrayed as a rigorous, almost scientific endeavor fraught with peril and potentially very unpleasant.

Michael Rosenblumfancyclopedia. Aug 12, D-day rated it liked it Recommended to D-day by: Or Illumination by Harold Frederic I should read because: Then read James Blish’ Storyline: But even those in the book who practice good, those white magicians we’d expect to be pure and beloved of God, are steeped in evil.

Blish shows his research into mediaeval grimoires perhaps a little too protractedly in the scene where lots of demons are summoned, one after another. View all 6 comments. Jul 07, B.

I want spoil the ending. I don’t usually dig skulls on my vintage horror covers especially photo versionsas they’re so overdone, but this is one of the few exceptions to that rule. Jul 25, Rod rated it liked it.


When a client, in a fit of pique brought on by too much wealth and comfort, offers him a huge sum to unleash a blisn of demons from hell, Ware agrees, and soon finds that there are deadly gaps in his knowledge of the black art.

The Life and Work of James Blish. He’s got time on his hands and he may be interested in a something a little more stimulating. The ending is abrupt, and not nearly as satisfying as rest of the novel, but it’s a fun book, and a very original easted to the subject matter.

Blish is best known as a science fiction author, and he gives his magicians a grounding that really makes if feel as rigorous as any science–and it’s obviously an allegory for amoral science and its destructive power.

I just reread this book February 6, and I liked it even better than the first time I read it when I gave it 4. The sequel is The Day After Judgment. Initially Blixh tests Ware’s credentials by asking for two people to be killed, first the Governor of California, Rogan Reagan was governor at the time of writing and then a rival physicist.

There is a sequel, “The Day after Judgment”, which is almost as good.


Oct 25, Batmensch rated it it was amazing. It was first published in From tohe worked for the Tobacco Institute.

Oct 06, Matt Gonzalez Kirkland rated it it was amazing Shelves: They are in concert with demons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Black Easter is a fantasy novel by American writer James Blishin which an arms dealer hires a black magician to unleash all the demons of Hell on Earth for a single day.

Tension between Ware and Catholic white magicians arises over the terms and conditions of a blis that provides for observers and limitations on interference with demonic workings.

Oh also it’s incredibly fucking sexist. A refreshing change from bloated novels of today. Drawing extensively from actual magical rituals, the “always-delivers” Mr Blish imagines an international arms dealer employing a real wizard to unleash all the demons from Hell onto Earth for one night of Revelations-style armageddo-fun while a Vatican rep watches on, observer-style, because the Cosmic rules the contract between God and Satan prevent him from intervening.


Black Easter (After Such Knowledge, book 3) by James Blish

After Blackk Knowledge 2. Fab stuff indeed, and followed by the very satisfying sequel “The Day After Judgement”. Retrieved from ” https: And where is God amongst this mayhem? It suggests that God may not be dead, or that demons may not be inherently self-destructive, as something appears to be restraining the actions of the demons upon Earth. Black Easter Hardcover first edition. The Day After Judgment. Retrieved from ” https: A novella that reads like one small part of a much greater tome, a story which describes a world that is simultaneously inconceivable yet effectively conceived.

Black Easter; or, Faust Aleph-Null

Read in the 70s. Piece together the allegory never made explicit? More like a novella, it supposedly describes a “technically correct” black magic rite that summons demons and The book ends with three English words and a mathematical symbol commonly known as Aleph-naught. As an experiment, a cluster of men decide to conjure all of the demons of hell and unleash them on the world for a single night.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. hlish

Algis Budrys was dissatisfied with Black Easterdeclaring it, despite Blish’s outstanding easteg, to be “an unreasonably inflated short story. Jan 05, Adam rated it liked it. Dec 22, Bukk rated it liked it Shelves: A disturbing tale of black magic against a background of impending nuclear war, with an extremely downbeat ending. He never wanted to be God at all, and so having won all, all has he lost.