Page 1. trihexaflexagon blank template to assemble use “simple instructions for folding a trihexaflexagon” pdf This page is a work-in-progress collection of free templates and videos about Hexaflexagons. Blank template with instructions (also a PDF version). To aid in folding and decorating the blank patterns, guides that number the faces are included on the patterns. Printable pattern for hexa-hexaflexagon.

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Decorate the strip yexaflexagon the scheme on the numbered pattern. Bonus Pattern Enlarge Tip: Share this craft project with your friends and family. Cut around the two pattern pieces on the outline. Fold the three sets of orange faces face-to-face, then the three sets of red faces—this forms a straight strip.


Leave a little space between each triangle for easier folding. Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon —it has six faces! You might want to start with the pattern with blan on each face—1, 2 and 3.

Wait for the glue to dry before flexing your flexagon. The top of the flexagon will pop open if there is a new face to reveal. Fold the 1 back. Pull the 2 forward that is behind the 3. On the Stars pattern, half of the fold lines are marked on each side, so you will need to score on both sides. Try to make the cuts very straight and accurate. How to Make a Hexa-hexaflexagon Read all of the steps before starting. The tri-hexaflexagon has three faces in three combinations. Choose a Pattern and Print It Choose a hexa-hexaflexagon to make.


How to Make a Tri-hexaflexagon Read all of the steps before starting. The Adobe Reader is available for free.


Fold the blue triangle 3 back. Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it. Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search Make a variety of flexagons to share with your friends. To aid in folding and decorating the blank patterns, guides that number the faces are included on the patterns. Find more crafts Find more crafts by browsing the Project Index or with a search Join the two pieces of the hexa-hexaflexagon hexaflexwgon to form a strip of 19 hexaflexqgon.

Make a hexagonal box to store your hexaflexagons or give a Flexagon Boxed Set as a gift. Fold the flexagon to bring together three alternate corners of the flexagon.

It is easiest to fold patterns that have numbers or counting dots.

Cut equilateral triangles from poster board and tape them together in a strip. Only 15 of the faces versions can be seen with the straight strip pattern for a hexa-hexaflexagon.

For more about the history of flexagons, see the Flexagons project. Flexagons were discovered over fifty years ago by a graduate student, Arthur Stone, playing with scraps of templste. As you flex the flexagon in this project, see if you can find all the possible combinations of faces.


Choose a design that prints in color, or select one of the black and white patterns and use your creativity to add color and designs. Follow the folding instructions in the Flexagon project to assemble the flexagon. Score and fold the pattern on the two dashed lines—unfold.

Hexaflexagons | Vi Hart

There will be two pieces with 19 triangles each. A sturdier hexa-hexaflexagon can be made by taping 19 triangles together.

Learn how to make a really fun geometric toy—a six-sided, six-faced flexagon called a hexa-hexaflexagon! Tetra-hexaflexagon Bonus Patterns Enlarge Tip: The names of flexagons tell the type of polygon and the number templat faces. Refold and glue together for a double thickness. Learn how to make a flexagon, a most fascinating geometric toy!

Flexagons are folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing faces as they are flexed. Fold the pattern lengthwise on the dashed line. Read all of the directions.

Gather everything you need to do the project. Fold the strip back on itself matching two 6s, then hexaglexagon 5s, then two 4s, on like this for the entire strip nine folds.