Alien/Predator (5) · Aliens Predator CCG Official Online Rule Book kB kB Bleach Clarifications & Errata kB Everything you need to know should be in the Dragonball GT TCG Rulebook, of course I’d go with the Shadow Dragon Saga version since it’s. As an extra treat, Bleach attempted to be a TCG that broke the mold of its TCG . which was actually a subject that caused some rules confusion in my play.

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The boost value consists of a number and a stat, and to boost you discard a card with a boost value on it during combat.

All cards on the field, including Guardians, can also ruleblok abilities, and the abilities in Bleach take the standard TCG mold of Activated bleavh you pay some cost for to use when you likeTriggered abilities that happen automatically when some condition is metand Static abilities that are always in effect. But I digress; all in all Bleach is a really solid game that I would venture to say anyone could play, even if you aren’t a fan of the series. This is interesting because it makes Bleach combat more of an evasion game.

Also the game sometimes mistakenly presupposes you have a great deal of fan based knowledge when you play the game.

If you have been in the TCG community for a while, you may have noticed a fundamental problem with TCGs based off of Japanese Animation also known as anime. Use only when you have less power than your opponent.

Bleach TCG: Premiere Starter Deck Box [1st Edition]

The entire game really avoids the problem of having one deck that always wins due to its innovative resource and combat system so repeated constructed play is a lot more fun. You literally have no clue unless you go to the official errata site. The whole overlay system itself just feels clunky and could probably have been designed a bit better. I definitely suggest giving Bleach a try, even if it’s just at a local anime convention you might be going to.


The problem is, several characters with the same name are printed in multiple versions with scaling power levels. Quick thinking ninja-like characters may have a spread of Agility, Intelligence, and Quickness, whereas brawlers might have something more like Strength, Fortitude, and Spiritual Pressure. Instead the correct decision seems to be to build up your weaker version of the character until he dies in combat, and simply play the character you would have overlaid him with fresh. Now the defending player may block by depleting one of his characters, however he can only do so if his blocking choice has the same stat rulebkok attacking character attacked with.

The only thing you give up for resources are possible cards in hand. This retroactive card functionality change rulebok really frustrating when the card can simply be banned or restricted instead. Its most original idea has to be the stat system and the fact that characters can have completely different stat categories, and this too gives the game a feel that truly brings out dulebook best of the Bleach anime.

Each turn the first thing you do is renew turn vertical your depleted cards and draw a card from your main deck. This category takes a hit, not because of a lack of support, but because of an abundance ruleboook the wrong kind of support. Many times good solid gameplay is sacrificed for story and flavor.

Bleach: Bankai Starter Deck Box [First Edition] | Potomac Distribution

The amount of fan recognition built into this game is through the roof. Then you put the new version into play in the same state as the old version, so if the old card was depleted the new card will also be depleted.

You may also play abilities of your guardian, battlegrounds, characters, and items as much as you like, as long as you have the resources to pay for dulebook. The game is really only designed for constructed play and I can’t even fathom how limited would work with the Guardian and side deck requirements, so your going to want to spend some money on a few expansion boxes, or on individual cards to build your dream deck.


It strikes me that it would be enough to include only one of the overlay drawbacks the retaining of game state, the discarding of items, or the inability to attack or deplete but including all three manages to make it almost always wrong to overlay a character. If the blocker has a higher stat, the attacker dies, but no damage is dealt to the attacking player, and if both stats are tied then both characters die.

Bleach is an interesting system because unlike many trading card games it doesn’t focus as much on resource management. Representatives at Score Entertainment, after reading our review and feedback, have decided to impliment some changes to make their errata and rules much more visible and accessible to the players. As an extra treat, Bleach attempted to be a TCG that broke the mold of its TCG predecessors by taking the concepts of resource management, deck building, and combat in completely new directions.

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This should help players to quickly check up on the latest rulings or changes. Full Game Review Angelo M. Also, if you can manage to at least suck up a few points of damage with your weaker character version it will have served more utility than simply dying to allow the new version to come into play.

What can I say; the game is good, very good. The card types in bleach are relatively simple and generally follow the standard TCG mold. This can be done in any order you like, so for example, if I have 3 characters in play I can play an item on one character, attack with that character, play a battleground afterward, attack with the final two characters, and then play an event that wipes the board.

If that card is a student gain power equal to that card’s energy cost.