A place for collecting assembly instructions for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Please be courteous and follow the rules. The Blitza-Bommer might seem to fulfill much the same role as the special rule – gaining an extra shot with each weapon on a Waaagh! turn. I’m probably going to be getting another ork bommer for Christmas and I was I read the rules for the blitza bommer and I have a question.

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I kinda like the Fighter For some reason everyone ignores it once i say its not a dakkajet. But why would the D6 scatter be “awesome”. It has AP4 now for some bommrr its SKORCHA missiles were AP5, even though it holds the name of a heavy flamer so that helps a little, but its just sooo expensive and you can only fire two of these a turn at BS2 it blitzx doesnt seem that viable to me.

Depends on your meta. It roars through the sky, gunz blazing a near constant stream of bullets from its Supa Shootastormenting fleeing infantry or enemy aircraft. They are rarely used as most Orks prefer to use Roks as makeshift drop pods.

Dakkajet pilots believe firmly in quantity over quality, and commonly bolt as many guns as possible to their aircraft – some of those bullets are bound to hit the target. The Dakkajet is incredibly fast Bommdr aircraft propelled by a single, massive jet engine. In theory you would need to cause 2 glancing or Pen’s to take 2 Hull points and then remove a third for being imobilized twice.

Such a technique is, predictably dangerous, and not only for the target. This is the only reason im not labeling them as garbage with their price hyke and weaker waaagh shooting. Any comments or tips are appreciated. Even though they don’t cause pinning, they still gain the accuracy boost The volume of fire can even threaten enemy fliers.

The Wazbom Blastajet is a aerial sky destroyer bristling with exotic weaponry and piloted by the maddest Mekboyz. The Blitza-Bommer is an Ork dive bomber suitable for the bravest some might say the most unhinged Flyboys.



Ork Fightas are the smallest type of aircraft produced by Ork Mekboyzused for dog-fighting and ground attack. Once they’ve blown everything up and hopefully not themselves then there’s a pair of supa shootas ready to mop up any stray or squishy targets. I really want to get my hands on one of these ships cause they look so cool, but I am wondering which configuration is most effective in a game.

If I were to use Ork fliers, I would definitely go with a pair of Dakkajets. Ive literally only bombed a vehicle with it once though since high armor is kinda rare in my meta, and the few i see my bikers find it before the blitzabomma reaches it anyway.

Orks are also known to use starship-launched landing craft, analogous to Space Marine Drop Podsalthough usually far larger. Then a couple of Skorcha missiles might be a decent pick. In 3 turns, they have fired as much as they would have previously in 1 waagh, but odds are they will die by then or be off the board and not get a chance to return before the game ends. All Ork fliers have paper armour, but the bommers have to fly over the enemy while the Dakkajet can fire from up to 36″ away and still be effective.

Commoragh closer to the bottom. However, we’re still talking 9 twin-linked 12 on a Waaagh! They are slower and more ponderous than any Ork or Imperial Aircraft but are extremely tough and can ignore damage deadly to most aircraft. So you will ignore a models armor save. Landas are equipped with numerous gun turrets and rokkits that allow them to lay down an impressive rain of fire against enemy aircraft that get close enough or support disembarking troops once on the ground.

From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Thanks for all the help guys. For some Flyboyz, guns might not be as fun as flamethrowers.

Dakkajet, Burna-Bommer, Blitza-Bommer. Which is best? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Then there is the problem that the guys are specialized to attack one type biltza target. I did some Mathhammer on all the Anti-Air we have and its not as good as I first though.


Created by infamous Mekboy Orghamekit is used to create whole minefields of floating Repulsor Mines. But other than that, they’ve become less killy and a bit more expensive. Orks make use of assault boats for boarding actions during space battles. Dakka Jet- Lots of shots, some targets you get to be BS3, Fules plane isn’t quite as good but some formations let your army Waaagh every turn after the first. Thedecay Stalwart Space Marine Toronto. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum!

Bludbaff Mutilatin’ Mad Dok. They are the result of decades of ongoing Meks experiments, pioneered by Kog da Flymek. While the blitzabomba can drop its bombs on infantry, the S7 bombs don’t ignore cover, so rulds opponents are still going to make saves against it.

If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Don’t rupes, I’m a certified speed freek Hommer who else are speed freeks? Despite their transport role, Warkoptas are equipped with powerful weaponry, making them even more threatening. Then it mops up a heavy infantry unit with that bomb and rear-gun blasts a vehicle or something for some easy glances lol Burnabomma i have always and still do think is useless.

I love the idea of the Blitzabomba, but honestly, the Dakkajet and the Burnabomber are actually better at doing their assigned jobs. Please consider this before you edit this text!

Blitz Bomma, boom bomms are armourbane ap 2 str 7. A friend of mine who went crazy and bmomer some orknaughts loves the burnabomba, for its able to annihilate tightly packed infantry formations. Ork Minelayer is a strange Ork craft, suspended in mid air by powerful repulsor fields.

These aircrafts ‘aim’ their bombs by diving at the target, releasing their Boom Bomb at the very last moment possible – something which tends to panic the onboard Grot Gunner.