A captivating paranormal from a rising voice in erotic romance. As undisputed Alpha, Rafael must choose a life mate to preserve the dominance of his. Karin Tabke, author of The Chronicles of Katrina, begins her exciting, passion- filled Blood Moon Rising trilogy with Blood Law, a sizzling paranormal romance, . A National bestseller! For all eternity, only one thing shall separate them—until the Blood Law is avenged The coming of the Blood Moon will lead two Lycan.

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Blood Law is a mythical story filled with rich history that will draw in the reader!

Years later, now Rafael leading his people, he meets a woman who is destinted to play an important role in the war between the Lycans tbke the Hunters. She held nothing back, every inhibition had fled at his first touch. Falon was near-death and failing fast when this golden-haired biker saved her life and insisted on keeping her prisoner in his Sierra compound.

Betrayal, treachery and danger abound as loyalties are tested, and the lines between justice and vengeance are blurred. She will literally be a sacrificial lamb.

Nothing is more vengeful than an eye for an eye. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and J. Of course there’s the instantaneous and burning lust that is undeniable between hero and heroine. Her liquid muscles hugged him in welcome.

Blood Law by Karin Tabke | : Books

Reading this book was like watching a movie in your head. Rafael knows that his desire for her is also a death sentence to her. When i first started reading this book, i really thought that Rafael would be kxrin, harsh, dominating, bad-boy type of a guy, but he was really a strong, powerful, nice guy! From there she takes you on a thrilling and kkarin ride that you never want to end.


Falon simply kicked ass. The main idea of the story is that there’s two brothers who were to lead the Lycans. And even though they might love each other, and be the only hope for their kind, Lucien is obsessed by making his life mission to make his brother’s life miserable, by taking the his soulmate like Rafael did Lucien’s The Blood Moon Rising Series: View all 9 comments.

Just when she thought she was the weird one Rafiel walks into her life. While she can’t promise the news will be regular, she does promise to update ,aw when there is something exciting krain share. What he doesn’t akrin is that Falon is half Lycan and Slayer, which is a dangerous combination. She can fe This book definitely takes you on a ride Discovering a well of strength within the alpha Lycan, Falon draws from him a self confidence that she’s never experienced before.

When Rafael fell, he fell hard and vowed to protect her against the Blood Law and Lucien to the death. The urgency in her blood demanded more. Like quicksilver, excitement thrummed through her veins.

Blood Law (Blood Moon Rising Trilogy, #1) by Karin Tabke

He leads a pack that is desperately trying to stay alive. After being left for dead by the Slayers, Rafael decides to take her with him and his pack. Like Rafe having thoughts about having sex with Falon, while shifting into a wolf Rafael is the alpha of his pack and he is as ruthless as can be.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. She’s human and therefore worthless to Lycans but from the first moment he breathes her in, Rafael is entranced.

Falon is the key to quite a few things in this series, the most important will be somehow mending the huge rift between the brothers.

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To mate with a Slayer is a law, under Lycan’s, penalized with death. Lucien in his heart of hearts believes Rafe killed his mate, his love, so he can be the only Alpha. Rafael decides to mark her and let the Blood Law be avenged. Stacie rated it it was ok.

My love, the day I stop thinking of having sex with you is the day you bury me. He never suspected his mate would be a human, the same wounded girl-woman he seduced from the brink of death. Falon Corbet has always known she was different but different is a rarely a blessing.

Tabke’s intentions are apparent in that she’s creating a series long threesome between her main characters. This book leaves you on the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers!! She’s also a mesmerizing beauty whose bloood tempts the warrior to take risks.

We la cookies to give you the best possible experience. You can unsubscribe ,aw any ksrin. Tabke before, I certainly am now!

In the end the story here is good. Unfortunately, this is the beginning of the end for Rafael and Falon. I will admit, Ms. He kissed them away. This book was fantastic.

Blood Law: Blood Moon Rising Book 1

In a wide, forceful swath, he swung down with both swords drawn, hacking at the rush of Slayers. So when I heard she was writing a paranormal erotica trilogy, I was over the moon and salivating at the prospect.

Thank you to whoever picked these fabke for this cover. Unfortunately I already have the next two books in this series that I will get around to reading, but there is no hurry.