: Blood Storm (The Books of Lharmell) (): Rhiannon Hart: Books. Title: Blood Storm (Lharmell #2) Author: Rhiannon Hart Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, Romance Publisher: Random House Australia. The thrilling sequel to Blood Song. The rain wanted to be ocean; the ice in the mountain caps wanted freedom. I never knew that water held such longing.

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Book Review: Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart | ?

Last year I read and enjoyed the first in the series Blood Song so I was more than happy when I got my grubby little paws rhianonn book two. I’m marrying a limp-wristed inbreed and I can’t wait.

You’ll be begging for the third installment in the trilogy by the time you reach the acknowledgements page, because Regardless of the potential and probably doomed ending, I love how these two interact. Trying to fight both her destiny and the blood tie to Lharmell, Zeraphina and Rodden set out to collect supplies for a weapon deadly to all with Lharmellian blood. Blood Song is an original, captivating YA paranormal romance.

I can not wait to get my hands on a copy! It was fascinating to see them grow yet still retain some of the original flaws – ones they are well aware they have. Blood Storm Lharmell 2 Author: And while she learns to harness her new abilities, Zeraphina still fights the hunger that makes her crave the north — not to mention avoiding her mother, who wants to see her wayward daughter married to a prince at all costs.

Lharmell Series by Rhiannon Hart

I hope it turns out well. Eh, it was okay. Zeraphina is Zeraphina and no title or mother or blood is going to weigh her down, plan out her life, and make choices for her.

Her 17th birthday is nearly upon her and Queen Renata, is adamant that her daughter marry. A few carefully coined phrases had me feeling like I was travelling right alongside our hero and heroine: She’s that wild child rhiamnon Renata is desperate to reign in, but despite her efforts, it’s clear she never will.

As Zeraphina and Rodden struggle with side effects and struggle to remain human, retaining their will, they are intent on opposing Lharmellians Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart is a YA paranormal romance starring Zeraphina, a princess bpoodstorm older sister married the crown prince of another country, and Rodden, a commoner who rose to a position of power very young. They have chemistry but with the class system and Renata so violently opposed to their relationship it feels like they are doomed from the start.


Blood Storm continues Zeraphina’s story as she unravels more secrets behind her life and what it means to be a Harming. In this book, Rodden’s back story was finally revealed, including how he came to be a harming, how he became the king’s adviser in Pergamia.

But it’s not a problem since Zeraphina and Rhodden’s scenes hriannon my little frustration over Lilith and Renata! In the Second Book of Lharmell, Zeraphina and Rodden must travel across the sea to find the elusive ingredients that will help them to win the coming battle against the Lharmellin but shadows from Rodden s dark past may come back to haunt him. Took me forever to read and the ending wasn’t my favourite but I guess it leaves us in shock?

This book was fantastic, everything that I wanted and more. Instead of walking into a sure death, she and Rodden head to Lharmell to finally destroy them.

Comparing the events that occurred in both books, I think that cover was more suited for this book, since there was more action and deeper emotions.

All she did was to withhold the laudanum from Folsum after he was attacked by Zeraphina’s brant, and that was after Zeraphina was brutallly whipped by Folsum. It’s just cruel to have us read that and then expect us to have to wait soo long to see it resolve itself, and it had better because I just don’t think I could handle it if it doesn’t. It’s been five months since the rhiannom of the last book, Zeraphina h Why it has taken me so long to read this series is definitely beyond me, it’s full of adventure, humour and a great sizzling tension between out heroine and hero, Zeraphina and Rodden.

Lharmell Series

It’s the ultimate road trip. Blood Storm is a fantastic fantasy novel set in a world where the blood-sucking creatures are so much more than your typical vampires. This dark fantasy world is filled with danger and adventure and blends forbidden romance and touching friendship with royal politics to create an addictively exciting read that will have you never wanting it to end.


The climatic, shocking ending to their adventure was so unexpected that I almost fell off my chair. I did not expect to feel so drawn to him as I did, especially as some of his secrets are made known. It had everything I loved about Blood Song and other aspects that made me love it even more.

Feb 23, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: It’s more exciting and the mystery is much deeper. Zeraphina hears him scream, and then their connection is gone.

Blood Storm

I turned to Renata, heard her gasp and knew my eyes glowed blue. You can’t DO that and then cackle rhiiannon from your throne likely carved from humans, she’s so EVIL and tell us we have to wait until the next book to see what happens next. Over eight weeks in reading it, yeah, sort of drones on.

Dec 17, Hannah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bloodstorj a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And you know what I mean. I needed the sequel so badly and when I finally had the chance to read it, it completely took my breath away. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The first book Blood Song was so good and this one was as good as the first, but with a killer ending that left me jaw-droppingly speechless and desperately needing and wanting the third book to read, unfortunately it won’t be released till next year.

I can’t wait for this book to come out. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Fingers crossed the third book comes out in a hurry! You’re growling at them both to give in already.