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Data collection consisted of participant observation and unstructured interviews. Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, according to thematic analysis. Supporting women simboolico labor, in nursing students’ point of view means physical pain characterized by uterine activity to dilate cervix.

Triggering labor does not concern only one factor, but rather it is a multi-causal event. Twenty nursing students with ages ranging from 21 to 26 years old took part in the study, 18 were females. It is feared and desired, and it is contradictory just as human nature, which may be emotionally manifested by anguish, leading simboloco disorder in the expectation of impending danger.

Women need health professionals to be close and understanding, especially nurses 8. This emotional suffering may be triggered by the level of anxiety both for women that are experiencing labor and for nursing students experiencing the simboilco. Participative observation occurred through the direct participation of one of the researchers with the phenomena observed, to obtain information on the reality of students involved in the context of pre-labor and birth As researchers, we were able to live with students at the Centro de Parto Normal Normal Child Birth Centerinteracting with them during obstetric practice to understand better the meaning they give to labor and child birth.

For me it is a very special moment because there are doubts and questions to mothers.

El Interaccionismo Simbólico Autor Herbert, Blumer by Felipe Aguilera on Prezi

Thus, when they see women in labor, students always refer to the painful process that makes women suffer as we can see by the following statements.

Labor pain is expected by women since childhood; labor is considered as something painful and dangerous, thus creating a type of conditioned reflex between the onset of labor and the beginning of pain After these experiences, the situation of teaching-learning is broader to students because it reveals meanings that lead to a new perspective to meet laboring women’s needs, not only during child birth, but also during labor.


It is very painful, very distressful for patients; they cry a lot, sweat, get restless and cannot relax SUZY. Meaning of the dimbolico process: Services on Demand Journal. Metodologias qualitativas na sociologia.

Although pain is a sensory phenomenon, fear and anxiety can worsen its intensity since it is a form of expression that is highly individual and emotional, varying according to the experience and history of laboring women.

I believe many women, even ourselves, we have too many fantasies, we are apprehensive about labor. Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety.

Grafton’s Newman 5th; Junior recovers from crazy 8. However, there were expressive advances in health, especially inwith the movement of the Sanitary Reform and inwith the creation of the Constitutional Letter. This proposal aimed at integral health care establishing levels for referral and counter-referral 4. During care for women in labor, even though they considered supporting laboring women important, many times they were taken aback and scarred because they did not feel confident to perform any procedure.

Francisca Ana Martins Carvalho R. Labor is a natural process, but, at the same time, it is not seen this way. Furthermore, interviews were used to complement the understanding of the data obtained through observation.

It is filled with sensations and emotions resulting from their interactions with reality so that the meaning students give to labor is a dynamic and progressive phenomenon resulting from learning and from the context experienced.

Thus, in their statements, students expressed surprise about the physiologic condition of laboring women, because they did not know how labor developed. How to cite this article. Before child birth, women have to experience labor which is characterized by three stages early, active and transitionstarting with uterine activity and progressively continuing with cervix dilation and effacement, allowing for proper development of labor.

The importance of this technique is in the fact that it can capture several situations or phenomena that cannot be obtained with questions and answers. The interview is not only a data collection technique, but rather a social interaction between two people, the interviewer and the interviewee, to obtain information Inthe Program for Total Women Health Care encompassed women’s health in the pregnancy and postpartum period, high risk pregnancy prevention and also offered greater safety in hospital birth.

George Herbert Mead

This can be corroborated by statements of students ssimbolico the present study, because they believe both laboring women and themselves suffer emotionally when there is a threat to biological integrity, characterized by the irreversible state of women in a vulnerable position due to child birth.


As the painful phenomenon of labor is complex, its interpretation should not be simplified. References in periodicals archive? Based on this aspect, the authors are concerned with the education of new nurses that can assist women during labor and birth. When they see and support child birth, it takes up a new meaning for students, since when they reflect and check and regroup according to the situation, they gear their decision interaccuonismo as how to act with women in labor.

Labor causes a lot of anxiety, especially when it is the sijbolico child, because you know To be able to act, to take responsibility for laboring women, nursing students should know, see and assist labor.

The nature of labor pain.

Meaning of the labor process: perspectives of nursing students

Students, however, experience a paradox regarding their interest to know. Data collection was carried out in two stages: According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization interaccionismpin normal birth there must be a valid reason to intervene in the natural process. Thus, everything they have heard from their mothers, relatives, communication media, etc was important to form this meaning. That pain, everybody talks about that pain. One of the main advances was the institution of the prenatal care ensuring essential obstetric care to reduce the rate of maternal blhmer perinatal morbidity and mortality 6.

Based on these premises 9it is clear that nursing students act according to the meaning labor has to them 9and this meaning was created based on students’ interactions with their world of objects. This is many times directly related to pain, suffering, and anguish. Fear causes blood flow decrease in the uterus, increases discomfort, and lead to physical and emotional suffering.

In this reality, learning strategies should be established so that humanized and holistic care meets the needs of patients.