“Boal and his work are marvelous examples of the post-modern situation-its problems and its opportunities. Twice exiled, Boal is ‘at home’ now wherever he. In this remarkable classic work on radical drama, Augusto Boal exposes the machinations that the ruling classes exercised on theatre to take control out of the . “The purpose of Theatre of the Oppressed is to rehumanize humanity.” — Augusto Boal Theatre of the Oppressed What is Theatre of the Oppressed? As created.

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This will mean examining the structure, form, and content of the theatrical process, including the workshop that often includes a Forum Theatre performance.

Inspired by Augusto Boal, this Organisation links other Theatre of the Oppressed groups to one another. Spry sees her role as oppdessed to the process, with a minimum of interpretation and a maximum of flexibility, and structures plays so there are, for example, multiple protagonists that potentially could collaborate together around particular themes. Non-synchrony locates our individual and collective interests by race, class, and gender which are in constant movement with one another.

I then worked alongside a Regina high school drama teacher facilitating week-long workshops with groups of high school students who reflected the diverse nature of the Regina community. This opens up the process to more complexity and uncertainty.

They can become closed circuits which refuse dialogue. Boal states that the process to be realized in doing this type of theater is the one that ascends from the phenomenon toward the law; from the phenomena presented in the plot toward the social laws that govern those phenomena.


We emphasize that the success of the process depends on the oppressors being real. People are said to perform many rituals without recognising them as such. He shows how Brechtian and Marxian drama reverses this trend Centre for Community Dialogue and Change CCDC is an organisation based in Bengaluru, India which is dedicated to the promotion of Theatre of the Oppressed chiefly in education as well as medical humanities.

The theatrical techniques are in the service of the people, or participants. Boal claims this form of theatre to be one of the most stimulating because of its ease of enactment and its remarkable capacity of portraying thought in a concrete form due to the absence of language idiom. This individual is usually called the “facilitator”. Rules are meant to be broken and, as Boal has said in workshops I have attended, “anything that is not expressly forbidden is, by definition, possible.

Boal restores theatre to its proper place Oppression is always modelled in terms of particular experiences. Such a space is desirable.

Beautiful Trouble

Image theatre is a performance technique in which one person, acting as a sculptor, moulds one or more people acting as statues, using only touch and resisting the use of words or mirror-image modelling. A white high school drama teacher in Regina, with whom I worked in Power Plays, reported to me in that often his students would wait for aboriginal students or students of colour to share an instance of racism. People start to feel little of what they touch, to listen to little of what they hear.

Political Journeys Monday, March 21, 0: The technique involves introducing to the participants the general plot without revealing the source of the photo-romance. This performance is repeated, except that this time the repressed is asked to fight to impose his or her will while the others involved are invited to maintain the repression.


Theater of the Oppressed | Beautiful Trouble

In this way, collective understanding of an issue is built. Usually, ths method is used with groups of people facing similar experiences of structural oppression — such as class power in the workplace, systematic racism or sexism, or abuse by the police or army.

Andrew Robinson is a political theorist and activist based in the UK. Theater of the Oppressed offers arts-based strategy-developing exercises that foster collaboration and community-led engagement. At any point during this second performance, any spect-actor may call out “stop!

Spect-actors may take the stage and express their opinions, thereby helping with the creation of new laws. Spry feels Boal uses, in his outline of TO, the very structure of Western forms of cathartic theatre that he critiques. Many forms of Theatre of the Oppressed, such as forum theatre and invisible theatre, remove the wall between actor and spectator.

Forum theater see TACTIC is a short play or scene that dramatizes a situation, with a terribly oppressive ending that spect-actors cannot be satisfied with.

When faced in reality with a similar situation they’ve rehearsed in theatre, participants who have experienced Forum Theatre ideally will desire to be proactive, and will have the courage to break oppressive situations in real life, since they feel much more prepared and confident in resolving the conflict.

As Roman points out:.