Pharaoh has ratings and 39 reviews. Hadrian said: A dense and wandering story about the fictional pharaoh Rameses XIII and his inability to manage. Pharaoh has ratings and 39 reviews. Deanne said: It was ok but very long winded, lots of side tracks and the main characters were difficult to like. The Pharaoh and the Priest (Polish: Faraon) is the fourth and last major novel by the Polish writer Bolesław Prus. It was the sole historical novel.

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Ceux qui ont des beaux-parents polonais.

Pharaoh by Bolesław Prus

Achieving success with these, he went on to employ a broader canvas; between andhe completed four major novels on “great questions of our age.

We see a conflict, very early, between the young future pharaoh Ramses XIII and the chief priest and careful politician Herhor. He was naive and he often indulge affairs with women, which brought so much misery to everyone except him.

Ancient Egypt at the end of its New Kingdom period is experiencing adversities. Bolesaw the second part of XIX century when Poland was partitioned we loved them.

The second, is “to cheer up the hearts” ku pokrzepieniu sercwhich is written for example by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

An indelible mark was left on Prus by his experiences as a year-old soldier in the Polish Uprising against Imperial Russia, in which he suffered severe injuries and imprisonment.


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The Pharaoh and the Priest: An Historical Novel of Ancient Egypt by Bolesław Prus

More detailed review after I read it again. May 12, Monty Milne rated it really liked it. He used every possible way how to get what he wanted aka to be pharaoh. Open Preview See a Problem? The people are building’s wall and he, pharahon is just an architect of whole. Return to Book Page. Achieving success with these, he holeslaw on to employ a broader canvas; between andhe completed four major novels on “great questions of our age.

The Pharaoh and the Priest

The novel is faithful to the XIX’s state of knowledge. To begin at the very foundation of life in that country, we find that the soil was unlike any other on earth in its origin Pharaoh also alludes to biblical Old Testament accounts of Moses chapter 7the plagues of Egypt chapter 64and Judith and Holofernes chapter 7 ; and to Troywhich had recently been excavated by Heinrich Schliemann. For some weird reason my last review was not saved, so I’m going to try to shorten it this time.

The modern Suez Canal had been completed by Ferdinand de Lesseps ina quarter-century before Prus commenced writing Pharaoh. Hardcoverpages. Alone in his fight he realizes that in political games people not always play fair It was 12 boleslaq 13 at the time.

He ignored blissfully everything and everyone in his way to clean Egypt and brought it to its former glory. Perhaps Pharaoh is set in the Egypt of —85 BCE as that country experiences internal stresses and external threats that will culminate in the fall of its Twentieth Dynasty and New Kingdom. pruss


The fact that Lykaon could be hypnotised and then s I remember reading this for my Polish class when I was about 14 but I had a feeling I should read it again in a more conscious way. Later editions have presented it in two volumes or in a single one.

The personalities and behaviors of the characters are keenly observed and deftly drawn, often with the aid of apt Egyptian texts. There’s something obviously interesting here, but it’s hampered by the clunky and probably wrong translation.

The Doll describes the romantic infatuation of a man of action who is frustrated by the backwardness of his society. Lisez Le Pharaon si vous croyez avoir un parent ou un ami qui en discutera avec vous par la suite. Chapter LXI, part 1. In the course of telling his story of power, personality, and the fates of nations, he produced a compelling literary depiction of life at every level of ancient Egyptian society.