I am not a fan of Boolean operations but I am planning of taking CATIA v5 Certification Exams, and Boolean Operations are a part of the exam. Hi all. It is a long time I did not wrote anything. I was bit busy with my personal work. Let’s start with Boolean operations; many people don’t. What exactly is the purpose of Boolean Operation in CATIA V5. As I dont see it helps much in making shapes which are not possible to make.

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Union Trim Using this option we can remove unwanted material from both the bodies. Hi I read this post two times.

Then return to the part design. Sketch positioning window will appear. Shrinivas November 18, at 9: However, they do provide an additional capability for special situations such as molded and booean parts as Zakir stated earlier. Download Now White Paper: And without these commands it is hard to do design. Red Flag This Post Please let bolean know here why this post is inappropriate. In Pro sometimes you cannot create a readius into a small cavity because there is not enough material.

Bheemu Gadyal November 17, at 5: Select the new face of the body as reference.

Product Design Engineering: CATIA (Boolean Operations, Changing plane sketch, Multi-sections solid)

In this case, if we want to create a hole in Body. Besides this point can someone elaborate me on their real usage. That means you must use every time when you are designing. ADD operations is supposed to ignore polarity, as far as I know!


Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Hi All, This is my first message on this forum.

This is the diagram I drew: Bheemu Gadyal November 18, at Bheemu Gadyal November 19, at 7: So, here is what I do.

In Catia you can insert “N” number of Bodies, Body2, body3, body4, I am puzzled with Boolean operations, I need some advice to figure out how it works! Remove lump This option is used within a body to remove unwanted lump in the body.

Why and when should we use the Boolean operation in catia?

It allows you to add, subtract geometries or simply find the intersection between 2 biolean more geometries. Operations interview questions Best regards Henry. Ask and answer engineering questions Join the Community.

If you select both faces to remove and faces to keep and if you leave some lumps In this cqtia it will remove the lumps which you have not selected. There two different components. If you make the negative body the work object, you will see the shape that is being added. Many bodies such as this one can be Added, Subtracted or Intersected from each other.

Under part body pperation a mm X mm sketch on XY plane and extrude it by 25mm. Select part 1 in Remove: It’s easy to join obolean it’s free. Newer Post Older Post Home. Now select Assemble command then select Body2 If you select Part Body you will get error pop-up will appear, in that you can select part body, then you click on preview then Boolexn.

JPG but adding a pad to a “-” body gives us something different even though we used Pads on both: If you do enough of this, for a long enough time, you will certainly find a need for Booleans.


Boolean Operations in CATIA

Alternative to remove lump is “Remove face” in part design workbench. We can use this option to create T joint for pipes.

So double click on the sketch and reposition the sketch on the face.

If you show the sketches for profiles you see that points from both profiles are not connected together properly. Now come to boolean Operation, It is used to add combinesubract remove or intersect the object. When you using this command I suggest please select only faces to remove or faces to keep, that is enough. A big block of material goes into the first partbody; the cavity side is boolean removed; and the core side is boolean removed.

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Then, inserted a new body plus sign in front of the body icon in the specification tree and created a new simple PAD one more rectanglethe plus o;eration is opeeation on the bolean, no changesapplied ADD operation or added the second PAD from the inserted body to the PartBody.

I can’t able to do it. If I add a component A to the mold, generally it requires material to be removed from another component B. CATIA V5 has a very powerful and extensive set of solid modeling tools that Boolean Operations are usually not required for most designs.