A Right to Be Hostile is the Third book in The Boondocks Comic Strip has pages and was released in September 23, The Boondocks A Right. Filmmaker and author Michael Moore wrote the foreword to A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury by Aaron McGruder, from which the. And, so, reading A Right to be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury in feels more familiar than it should. Some of the conversations are dated.

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Huey’s comic strip friends even razz him about his radicalism. This series was the second and defining comic book of my childhood. He moves out to a predominately white city with their inheritance. McGruder counts Breathed, Watterson, and Trudeau among his heroes, and I contend that he hstile alongside them with the Boondocks.

A Right to Be Hostile

It is not hard to see why: Lists with This Book. These two alone would throw the balance of the comic-strip out of whack so a third character is introduced that became the balancer and audience surrogate: Riley is the younger of the two grandsons rigut represents the ignorant apolitical wannabe thug stereotype.

Refresh and try again. This is the first of Aaron McGruder’s series of “Boondocks” comic books.

A Right to Be Hostile by Aaron McGruder | : Books

I will keep this book in my collection for the foreseeable future so I can lend it to any friend who is interested. Apr 25, Ben hostipe it it was amazing Shelves: Less surprisingly, the strip changed dramatically after September 11, I must say that my overall impression of the book, was just what I had expected from Aaron McGruder.


I like the strip in both incarnations, and I appreciate that McGruder can preach and still get a joke in every strip. Granted, there are exceptions both subjective Adam will never be considered a classic, but we overweight, overcaffeinated stay at home dads gotta stick together, you know? Fans of George W. Many of hotile cultural and riight references are now dated, so it would take a lot for a teen today to access most of these strips.

Mar 23, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: I will explain this by introducing the main characters. Here’s the first big book of The Boondocks, more than four booondocks and strips of one of the most influential, controversial, and scathingly funny comics ever to run in a daily newspaper.

Really smart and really funny just as good as the show!

Huey Freeman is my soulmate. Nov 11, Marc rated it it was amazing. And despite being nearly a decade old, it’s still some of the hardest hitting, sharp political satire of contemporary politics that I’ve ever read.

I’m glad I had the Boondocks in high school and I’m glad to be rereading it now. Aaron McGruder hostil draws a portrait of how Black America might be perceived both by its members and by those who never have and never will experience life as an African-American.


Jun 25, J.

Jan 06, Dave rated it it was amazing. This volume takes us from the end of the Clinton years to the beginning of the Iraq War and it is polemical with everything dealing with politics and culture.

It’s funny because I began reading it long ago, as something to get me through the Bush era, war on Iraq, etc. Voondocks presets controversial ideas.

A Right to be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury – Aaron McGruder – Google Books

The Boondocks made its print debut in in The Diamondbackstudent newspaper at the University of Maryland, and now appears daily in more than newspapers around the country and online at www. Definitely a good choice!!!

Considered in book form, it verges on overkill. I know I still have access to them in multiple forms, but there is something about the daily ritual of reading a few panels with something to say.

While not as good as all-time great strips like “Peanuts,” “Calvin and Hobbes,” uostile “The Far Side,” the Boondocks is probably the most well written and funniest strip of modern times.