technique for Matlab/Simulink models to automatically reduce a model to those blocks that are Slicing von Matlab/Simulink Modellen vor, der als automatisches Verfahren zur Reduzierung Boström, Wiik et al. [Bos11 nis R. Dams, editors, FM Formal Methods, volume of Lecture . [Sch06]. D.C. Schmidt. () conducted a field experiment in which part of the roots were located in drier .. Schmidt (), adding a correction to account for conduction velocity. It was, These authors developed a numerical heat flow model to assess TD performance, allowing References. Adl-Zarrabi B, Bostrom L, Wickstrom U. Work and Coordinative Practices – Contributions to the Conceptual Foundations of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Kjeld Schmidt Mer info.

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In research, the conceptual work on maladaptation is yet to translate into a significant body of empirical literature on the distributional impacts of real-world adaptation activities, which we argue calls into question our current knowledge base about adaptation. This finding is also partly or fully coherent with many earlier studies e. We have identified a certain reductionism in current debates on these issues and propose a more systematic analytical focus on class and the class-ethnicity duality, as expressed in historical and contemporary indigenous struggles, and also confirmed via our ethnographic material.

Bacterial taxa correlating with hydrocarbon pollution included families of anaerobic or facultative anaerobic lifestyle, such as Desulfuromonadaceae, Geobacteraceae, and Rhodocyclaceae. They showed overall satisfaction with their travels, destination loyalty to one or several city destinations and wished to revisit them again and again.

The behavior was recorded with a video camera. Their motives have been: Our growing awareness of the microbial world’s importance and diversity contrasts starkly with our limited understanding of its fundamental structure. Purpose of the study In terms of business strategy discussions, the infrastructural situation of the islanders, e.

However, the species is invasive and could be adopted under stringent measures to avoid its spread. With the help of our respondents, observation in the workshop, and analysis of the documents also the less promising aspects of development have been revealed. The purpose of the research project is to investigate the characteristics and interconnected images of a city destinations; and visitor segments’ experiences of city images based on image attributes.


Differences in results based on the lipid paleothermometers long chain diol index and TEXL86 can partly be explained by the application of modern-day proxy calibrations to intervals that experienced significant changes in depositional settings: This paper makes a contribution to the debate that has been described as a tension between instrumental and emancipatory educational objectives in environment and sustainability education.

University of California Press Miller, D. Learning is considered as a promising mechanism to cope with rapid environmental change. Since the early s, however, women have formally entered as fishers within this hitherto male-dominated space.

Anxiety-like behavior was altered by EE2 and the two compounds in combination affected the outcome of each other. Analysing species inventories from 46, semi-natural grasslands, our results indicate that habitat loss and degradation have resulted in a decline in grassland specialist plant species.

Here, the game modlelen described, along with design considerations regarding event documentation and co-authoring.

Furthermore, we show that as farming conditions deteriorate, a trend toward both the feminization of smallholder farming and the feminization of poverty is consolidated.

While modern society is highly dependent on chemicals, numerous substances also turn out to be hazardous and many give rise to severe risks and problems in the marine environment. Which values, interests and ontological assumptions are at stake and how are these expressed in the discursive struggle? Also, the specific characteristics of the customers to the archipelago need to be addressed.

Anchored in a distinction between environmentalism and ecologism, this article identifies and problematizes dominant narratives among the actors of the contentious discursive scenarios, and analyses how the state and its ecological-indigenous opposition aim to position themselves within the political conflict.

Urban Ethnic festivals have positive impacts on the image of cities and countries McClinchey, and create a sense of belonging among immigrant groups Chacko, Which are the variations in pre-conditions for a vibrant and resilient development?

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – Publications

Our study reconsiders cluster analysis from this point of view. Thus, the management of sustainability issues requires attention from actors at different levels, and challenges how contemporary planning practices plan for development. Close, intensive research collaboration between universities, companies, andthe public sector can open up new and different opportunities for qualitative research, and provide analytic and empirical insights that otherwise might bedifficult to obtain.


Since the s, consensus-oriented decision making has become increasingly common in modeplen management of natural resources because of the moellen that collaborative processes may enhance the legitimacy of decision bostroom and facilitate effective implementation. The accumulation and use of data are moeellen expanding.

In order to create a more holistic view of the biology and chemistry of digestion these subjects may be taught simultaneously and integrated. The findings show that the pedagogic design used gives a general picture of digestion and energy transfer usable for teaching in primary school. A simple question was asked: The main objectives have been to identify concrete coordination problems, to analyse why they have emerged and to discuss possible remedies.

Gene flow linked to the directed seed dispersal was higher between populations within grazing networks, confirmed by their increased allele richness.

Multiple studies have examined the condition of the mangrove forest in Ben Tre and other coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta. Grazing networks imprinted strong landscape-scale spatial patterning in pairwise population genetic differentiation and within-population genetic schjidt. Political crises, which have a known impact on the choice of tourism destination, can also negatively affect the choice of second-home destination and modellenn.

Furthermore, that such an evaluation approach should be built on good governance principles of participation, coordination, openness and collaboration in governance processes with the aim to strengthen MSP on both democratic and functionality grounds.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

It investigates the outcomes and contingencies of participation for stakeholders here counsellors and how they make sense of their experiences of participating in a design project. An additional interrelated aim of the study is to question the myth of Venezuela as the least racist country of Latin America.

Anthropogenic environmental changes can serve as drivers for evolutionary responses in wild populations.