Read Bound And Determined by Jane Davitt with Rakuten Kobo. When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he’s ready to literally throw. REVIEW: Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow happy to be intrigued enough by the excerpt to buy Bound and Determined. Bound and Determined pushed my comfort boundaries on the BDSM world, but strange is, not so much for me to not like it. In a way Owen, the dominant in this.

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To read all her bounf, click the link: This book is nothing like I thought it would be. The characterization is solid, and I found the story sweet but not overly so.

LOL it’s good to see that people can still be ethusiastic for a book ;- Elisa. I really lik 4.

Book Review: Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

The story kinda redeemed itself in the end so for that it gets 3 stars. So Detdrmined, which of course is a weakness of mine.

Read no further — you just found it. Jane DavittAlexa Snow. I really enjoyed reading this book, though a bit wordy at some points and many unnecessary tidbits about mundane things.


Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt

Sterling is far from a perfect sub at the start of this story, but reading through his journey to get there is an experience not to be missed. This story contains a character who’s a total novice but goes actively searching for what he feels he’s been missing. When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he’s ready to literally throw himself at the feet of the spectacular Owen Sawyer, but Owen is unwilling to take on someone so new to the scene–or so he says.

This novel comes with lots of stars and the highest of recommendations; so of course I needed to see for myself. If there had been a vampire or werewolf in there too, that would’ve definitely made this book perfect for me: Thanks for reccing this!

This is an amateur blog, where I discuss my reading, what I like and sometimes my personal life. I loved this book. I think the big turn off in BDSM for me is when the sub is pathetic and needy in a bad way.

If this is what you are looking for? She wrote it in a realistic way which I can relate to and be totally turned on by.

However, some books were purchased by the reviewer and not provided for free.

It was easy to read a Beautifully written, Bound and Determined is a book that does not disappoint. So far, so holding-your-breath-in-anticipation yummie.


With a little coaxing stalking Sterling finally gets Owen to take him on as a submissive, and the things that lie ahead will be bounnd for both men. The relationship develops slowly sometimes painfully so but it never left the station in spite of the issues.

I had to bump it up to 5 stars. For information on how a particular title was obtained, please contact by email the LJ’s owner. After Sterling accidentally catches a friend engaging in some light BDSM, he realises that he wants it too.

Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt – FictionDB

This book goes straight to the top of the keeper shelf. He visits the club one night with his friend Alex and is startled to see one of his former tutors there Owen. Absolutely a must read. I kept thinking once they finally got to it “that’s it?

Lists with This Book. Wonderful story of a fledgeling BDSM relationship starring Sterling and Owen, which finally found it’s way to the front of the queue on the kindle after 6 months! View all 15 comments.