Brain Wave [Poul Anderson, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For millions of years, the part of the galaxy containing our solar. So Brain Wave’s brevity can in all likelihood be attributed to editorial requirements of the time that shackled SF writers’ imaginations to guidelines dictated by the. (Richard Powers’ cover for the edition) /5 (Vaguely Good) I have long been a fan of Poul Anderson’s functionalist yet engaging SF.

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This isn’t a perfect book, or even a great one, but it’s good, and the central concept is fascinating. Or develop some other method of motivation. What happens when the ranks of Mensa could be expanded to include, oh, everyone?

I also found the attempt to translate the new form of communication into dialog clunky and stilted. As a result, almost all of the life on Earth with neurons died off, causing the Cretaceous—Paleogene extinction of some three-quarters of plant and animal species on Earth, including all non-avian dinosaurs.

That sums the basic premise up so perfectly it saves me writing a synopsis hurrah! View all 4 comments.

I didn’t think that the craft of writing was up to Anderson’s usual level, even given it’s from ‘ It wasn’t for me, thinking of the US election, sundry pointless wars and the popularity of The Coolest anderwon Kickstarter. Poul William Anderson was an American science fiction author who began his career during one of the Golden Ages of the genre and continued to write and remain popular into the 21st century. The book covers a lot of ground and throws out some intriguing scenarios. I have added an appendix to this version of this article.

As with so many novels, I thought the ending of Enemy Stars weakened the effort. Brock works for Mr. So yes, go ahead and read it.

Sort of like Flowers For Algernonbut on the global scale. Many highly intelligent people — due to extenuating circumstances, the need to support families, or a genuine love of what they do — hold jobs that might not test them intellectually. Just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishers. While some reviewers complain that the book is too short, I am glad that it is not longer. He was, in fact, intrigued. Life in a society of geniuses – comprised of a general public able to see through the nasty political propaganda swamping us and the self-destructive work and consumption habits that our society currently champions – sounds pretty good to me.


He becomes a pilot of the first spaceship able to explore the galaxy, where they accidentally cross back into the energy-damping field. So no, I think that very smart people are capable of doing boring, dirty jobs. What if everyone suddenly just got smarter?

An observation like this would not have barinwave out-of-place in the musings of First Lieutenant John J. In the end, when nearly all the humans leave Earth, he decides to stay behind as leader of a colony of now sentient animals and formerly mentally disabled people. Mar 12, Paul Kemner rated it liked it Shelves: It may not actually boost your intelligence but may give it a wee nudge in the right direction! I actually found The Enemy Stars substantially more intriguing….

As Brain Wave begins, Earth is finally emerging from this light-years-wide field, with the result that the IQs of most human beings quadruple, to brainwavveand even the animals of the field become vastly more intelligent.

Brain wave | Open Library

The overall premise of the story is absolutely great: At pages, it can be a quick read. This is the central premise of Brain Wave. Let me tell you, pigs are not happy about their destinies. It’s easy to forget that words like ‘moron’ and ‘imbecile’ were once acceptable terms for people of less-than-average intelligence.

December 30, Criminal Vol. Time to get that something off your mind It means that we’re all in the same boat as before, still needing to find meaning and connection in our lives. I particularly loved the parts of the book which took place on a recently abandoned farm operated by a mentally-disabled man now of near-genius I.

This element was a little off for me, tough not entirely. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Book Review: Brain Wave, Poul Anderson (magazine publication 1953)

It seems as if I have read a lot of articles recently on the so-called “dumbing down” of society, and of U. Ward Cleaver was an idealized father-figure who only escaped stereotype because nobody knows anybody that had a father that was as wise, as understanding, as tolerant, and as aware!

One could argue that Anderson is perpetrating 50s views of the housewife who does not participate in anyway with the intellectual life of the husband. Brock is forced to adapt and take care of the farm he worked as when all the other workers become bored with their jobs and leave.

Much of the rest of the book focuses on Corinth and how he and his coworkers struggle to find meaning in their lives and help rebuild society.

The animals too become more intelligent. There are multiple issues with the novel. Animal traps are based on the idea that the animals cannot reason their way out of them. Retrieved from ” https: The first effect she goes through when the change begins is a philosophical realization that her life as a housewife is “better” than that of her non-conformist friends.

Orbit Unlimited New America. In fact, the entire world is turned upside-down, and Anderson’s novel is devoted to detailing the sometimes-surprising, sometimes-chilling aftereffects of this watershed event.

To equate all manual blue-collar work with low intelligence or low-set goals is a bit shallow. As I read it, it did have all that stuff that Anderson does that sorta irks me from previous books of his, such as overly sentimental soap opera small talk between ‘important’ scenes.

Jun 07, Ensiform rated it really liked it Shelves: If this had remained a short story, and if the plot had been more linear, this would have been much better.