Raymond Brassier is a member of the philosophy faculty at the American University of Beirut, Alain Badiou, Theoretical Writings, transl. by Ray Brassier & Alberto Toscano (New York: Continuum, ). Jean-Luc Nancy, “Philosophy without. I started to write a review of this but it very quickly reached one and a half pages. But this is really great writing I can totally recommend it. Brassier absolutely. Buy Alien theory: the decline of materialism in the name of matter by Ray Brassier (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on.

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Ray Brassier | SenseLogic

I think this is an overreaction. It is a seriously impressive ‘first effort’. Gianjustin Redautos marked it as to-read Oct 26, As such, it remains entirely speculative to assume unproblematically a notion of human freedom amenable to the demands of articulating a sufficient concept of decision that does not compromise the vaunted materialism in the same gesture. My own could be characterized in terms of a new compact between metaphysics and epistemology: It is by yheory the persistent myths of first-person autonomy and of the irreducibility of consciousness; it is by excoriating the apparently inviolable ubiquity of the cultural privilege which folk psychological superstition has successfully arrogated itself through the process of its enshrinement in the medium of natural language, that a virulently anti-phenomenological skepticism of the kind espoused by Quine, or an eliminative materialism such as that endorsed by Paul Churchland, suggesting as they do that a radical reconfiguration brxssier of our own self-image and of our vision of the world around brqssier is always possible, can help undermine those phenomenological Ur-doxas which help perpetuate the cultural consensus manufactured by capitalism.

Neither anti-philosophical nor anti-materialist in character, non-materialism tries to construct a rigorously transcendental theory of matter by using certain instances of philosophical materialism as its source material. It might be that risk is an inherent feature of any theoretical wager. tehory


Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2) | Senselogic

It is precisely this ultimate unbinding from all such correlational kernels that Brassier identifies a site of resistance in contemporary philosophy. You probably sell all types of businesses to promote their business through the widely used media of the modern era of marketing.

Brassier is the author of Nihil Unbound: That it cannot be pragmatic follows from the naturalistic anti-noocentric prescription which guarantees that nothing like a vaguely subjective notion of ‘free decision’ could ultimately ground the choice between theories, since the very notion brasier decision requires its accommodation to the intrinsic demands of a naturalized register in order to remain irreducible to some form of ontological mediation and reintroducing the correlation thwory doing so.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Non-Decision does not interrupt Decision but broaden its possibilities. In that sense the will to power as expressed through the artwork could be seen as an expression and acceptance of mortality, of human imperfection, of a lack of meaning, and thus would not be just a new god replacing the old one.

After learning that the world has no intrinsic unity, origin, or purpose, it is only bassier artist as overman who can reinvest the world with value, and redeem our meaningless suffering.

Interview With Ray Brassier – Against an Aesthetics of Noise (nY#2)

Collapse III contains explorations of the work of Gilles Deleuze by pioneering thinkers in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, music and architecture. Instead you propose a speculative realism that avoids both these pitfalls.

This strikes me as a mistake. Nihilistic Speculations from Dr. I have no philosophy of art worth speaking of.

The main aim of the book is to discredit philosophical accounts that place existence as having a direct correlate to occurrences in the human mind, as it is argued that they are mere inheritors of mythic and Judaeo-Christian tradition.

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Alien Theory: The Decline of Materialism in the Name of Matter

As I see it, science is slowly and painstakingly excavating the deep structure of a reality whose fundamental features may turn out to bear little resemblance to the kinds of entities and processes with which we are currently familiar. Lawgiverz, the speculative realists too, nevertheless submitted to the naming for the sake of being something and not willing nothingness rather than not willing something, the opossite of which the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would have said if only he was alive.


I like this review: Ray Brassier, Alien Theory. The Trouble With Pleasure: He doesn’t appear to be a partisan philosopher but is equally as willing to draw from any school in order to develop the argument, although the essential framework is non-philoosphical.

He has published the following ailen Enlightenment and Extinctionp. Ok, that sounds good. This strikes me as a mistake.

The confluence of their influence in my thinking represents my attempt to address what I see as the fundamental issue facing contemporary philosophy: Accelerationism November 2, — The reporter was reading the headlines from the newspapers in the morning news program with a very excited voice which was and remains the voice interrupting Dr. For perhaps the flows are not yet deterritorialized enough, not decoded enough, from the viewpoint of a theory and practice of a highly schizophrenic character.

A close reading of the two would be a grand idea. Open the windows and let in the fresh air. July 13, at 6: Needless to say, for Heidegger, being dead is not being in the world, for being of being requires the non-being of non-being, thinks Dr. Post-Nihilistic Speculations from Dr. So the choice remains: Alain Badiou and the Future of Philosophy. This is news to me with respect to Deleuze. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!