What if the messiah and the anti-christ fell in love? Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated. Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal. Jove Chambers is the dark romance pen name for USA Today bestselling author, V. J. Chambers. Most of her books were originally published. Breathless By V.J. Chambers – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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I thought it a bit odd that she immediately offered refuge to some strange boy, without giving it a second thought. But that’s just me He has told her over and over he does not want to have sex with her.

Jason finds out his identity is basically a lie, and he sees his opportunity to start to live a normal life. Want to Read saving…. The stakes are suddenly ratcheted up ten levels and much craziness ensues.

This is the first book in the Jason And Azazel series. Problem is she’s so obsessed with Jason and frankly just so oblivious that even when it is really obvious that she should be paying attention and asking questions — well, she’s not.

I was raised Roman Catholic I am now a recovering Catholic It was interesting to note overlapping similarities and I loved that there was an uncertainty about which one was in the right. Of course, until they’re not Breathless is a dark, young adult story that explores mature and controversial themes.

She dates the town golden boy. There are some places I just will not go. The first part of the book has a slower pace focusing on high school life while building up a sense of foreboding and mystery. Azazel – Azazel was the main character, she was confident, but way too sexually frustrated for my liking, she was continuously trying to make her boyfriend Toby go all the way with her, which lowered my respect for her.


As odd as it sounds, it didn’t bother me. Especially since the first part of the book deceives you into thinking it’s a good book. They all started to say things that I thought weren’t too realistic. And once she slowed down enough Ok, in the first chapter I pretty much hated Azazel.

Lists with This Book. I thought it was very realistic, how even though some things rated noticeably odd to her that she didn’t stop to examine them more closely, or that once she did, she quickly dismissed them. Anyway, the first half of the story introduces us to Azazel–normal, average small-town teenage girl with the perfect family, boyfriend who doesn’t pressure her for sex even though SHE wants itand friends.

Log-in to write a review or add a video review. This book was Crazy Cuckoo Bananas, but I really really liked it When her and perfect boyfriend Toby are out on a date, Jason comes running into her life. Now, where the book lost me was the satanists thing. I will say of the smattering of the YA books I have read, this one was the most enjoyable although I would not want my daughter to read it, at least not at this age.

And I love how he tries so hard to keep his cool before a fight. Honestly I want to give this book more than 3 stars because I love the writer’s style and voice.

Breathless (Jason and Azazel, #1) by V.J. Chambers

This how the teenagers actually are, of course it has a lot of violence, rudennes, sex and feelings, but it v.j.dhambers all put in the right place so it all has sense. When Jason races into Azazel’s life, he’s a delicious puzzle she can’t solve. It does deal with attempted rape, murder, police corruption, assorted lawbreaking while fleeing those who would inflict further damage, sexual situations but nothing too graphic.

Soon, she will have to choose between Jason and everything she’s ever known. She meets Jason when he literally stumbles into her life; frightened and fearing for his life.


Halloween rolls around and that is when everything really starts to fall apart. The story drew me in from the beginning. Azazel was funny and adventurous, her boyfriend, Toby, was kind of a wuss, and at times a dick, but that was okay because Jason was sweet and funny and made up for the things Toby lacked. He has told her over and over he does not want to have sex with h http: The author failed to make me really care about her characters and what they were going through.

It’s definitely for the older YA. The whole meant-to-be relationship thing took a bit long for me, how about we go through each of the characters, hey? Jan 17, Mya rated it it was amazing.

V. J. Chambers

The only thing I do agree with the majority of readers on is that this is a very dark YA book so I wouldn’t pass it over to your twelve-thirteen year .vj.chambers and let them read it. View all 7 comments. Where on God’s green earth do I begin? So they you have it, I give this book about 3. I think the contents and subject matter should be for adults only.

I also don’t feel breathlesss this one lends itself to be easily classified in either a genre or an age group. Just to write this review, I’ve waited almost two days. I couldn’t resist reading the excerpt at the end of this one for the second one. Her parents are, for the most part, awesome.

I loved the three books that completed the Jason and Azazel Trilogy, i read them all in a week, i coudnt stop! They can’t find any records of him,not transcripts,no birth records, nada zilch.