BSNL JTO EXAM SYLLABUS 1. TELECOM BRANCH 2. CIVIL BRANCH 3. ELECTRICAL Pattern of syllabus: The whole syllabus will carry. BSNL JTO Syllabus To prepare well for BSNL JTO Recruitment Exam, candidates must need BSNL JTO Syllabus. So, those candidates. BSNL JTO exam syllabus for ECE students I want to get the BSNL JTO exam syllabus for ECE students, as I have applied for this.

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Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits. Basic concepts of compensator design. Determination of circuit model.

BSNL JTO Syllabus 2018 (ECE/CSE/Electrical) | Download Exam Pattern PDF

Design of steel structure. Is there any eligibilty criteria with respect to the percentage obtained in engineering? Large signal amplifiers, coupling methods, push pull amplifiers, operational amplifiers, wave shaping circuits.

Block diagrams and signal flow graphs and their reduction. Want help in Preparation? Thyristor controlled reactors, switched capacitor networks. Hall effect and its applications.

Design of members and frames. Bar chart, linked bar chart, work break down structures, Activity-on-arrow diagrams. Questions on knowledge of current events and of such matter of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person.

Noise and bandwidth considerations. Design of Concrete and Masonry Structures Limit state design for bending, shear, axial compression and combined forces, Codal provisions for slabs, beams, walls and footings.


Ferro and ferri magnetism. Rectifiers and power supplies. Syllabus for JTO examination for ECE stream students cee me the name of the books by which i crack the jto and tell me which institute is ezam best one for coaching in hyderabad. Measurements and Instrumentation Units and Standards. Communication systems Basic information theory: Sat, Jun 25, Rectifiers jo power supplies. Power Electronics Power Semiconductor devices.

Economics and operating factors. Primary and secondary treatment, detailing and maintenance of treatment units. Electromagnetic Theory Transmission lines: Thu, Aug 11, Mesh and nodal analysis. Digital logic gate families, universal gates-combination circuits for arithmetic and logic operational, sequential logic circuits. Ceramics, Properties and applications. EMF, torque, basic machine types.

BSNL JTO Electronics and Communication Engineering ECE Syllabus – GATE Coaching in Kerala

Privatejobshub Monday, January 01, 0. Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling.

The questions will be completely objective type. Education and Career Forum. Please infirm about that. Control Systems Transient and steady state response of control systems; Effect of feedback on stability and sensitivity, Root locus techniques; Frequency response analysis. Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits Semiconductor device physics, PN junctions and transistors, circuit models and parameters, FET, Zener, tunnel, Schottky, photo diodes and their applications, rectifier circuits, voltage regulators and multipliers, switching behavior of diodes and transistors.

Previous Year Question Papers. Exaam measurements of non-electrical quantities Electronic measuring instruments Error analysis Measurement standards Measurements of basic electrical quantities Transducers Working principles exa, measuring instruments. Built up sections and frames.


Elements of sound and vision broadcasting. Multipurpose uses of Water, Soil Plant water relationships, irrigation systems, water demand assessment, Storage and their yields, ground water yield and well Hydraulics, Water logging, drainage design, Irrigation revenue, Design of rigid boundary canals, Lacy’ and Tractive force concepts in canal design, lining of canals; Sediment transport in canals; Non-Overflow and overflow sections of gravity dams and their design, Energy dissipaters and tail water rating, Design of head works, distribution work, falls, cross-drainage work, outlets, River training.

Questions will also be included on events and developments in Telecommunications, History of India and Geography. Types, Indian standard classification, absorption, saturation factor, strength in masonry, influence of mortar strength and masonary strength. If not then what is the syllabus for it.

Inverters; single-phase and 3-phase. Stability analysis using Routh-Hurwitz array, Nyquist plot and Bode plot. Working stress method of design of R. Previous years question papers for JTO? Cranes, hoists, lifting equipment. What is the syllabus of ECE?

Syllabus for JTO examination for ECE stream students

Natural response and forced response. Properties of networks in terms of poles and zeros. Rooting of floods, Capacity of reservoirs.