A buccinator flap operation aims to lengthen the soft palate. The surgeon moves some of the lining of the inside of the cheek on its blood supply to make the soft. [1] published the first anatomic description of a posterior buccinator myomucosal flap based on the buccal branch of the internal maxillary artery (Fig. 1), not to be. The buccinator myomucosal flap is effective in reducing/eliminating hypernasality in patients with cleft palate (± lip) and velopharyngeal insufficiency.

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Chang Gung Med J. Voice changes and difficulty in eating were the two main chief complaint of the patient.

Donor site was closed with inferiorly based masseter muscle flap effectively [ Flal 4 ]. However, further investigations buccinatoe a larger sample size with longer follow-up are recommended for more accurate conclusions. We noted that the vascular anatomy seen in both our cadaveric and surgical patients agrees with descriptions presented in prior studies.

The patient was a year-old female with squamous cell carcinoma of right lateral border of tongue T3-N0-M0. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.


Defective mucosa after enucleation of the lesion bucinator reconstructive procedures necessary. Am J Surg ; The patient was discharged home on postoperative day 1 on a soft solid diet.

This study demonstrated that using BMFs could be a safe, effective and promising method of treatment for post palatoplasty fistula and VPI. Dtsch Z Mund Kiefer Gesichtschir.

To avoid confusion, we have introduced a new classification system for these flaps based mainly on the remaining attachment of buccinator muscle after flap elevation in pedicle variants and axial blood supply orientation in the island variants. Besides, flaps were assessed regarding any complication such as clinical signs of ischemia and necrosis.

This flap is very similar to the island cheek flap introduced by Sasaki in A loose areolar plane exists between the buccinator muscle and the buccopharyngeal fascia, facilitating the elevation of the flap with blunt dissection. Journal List Adv Biomed Res v.

The application of this flap to common defects of the posterior oral cavity after cancer resection has not been reported. Influence of palatal fistulas on velopharyngeal buccinnator Purchase access Subscribe now.

J Laryngol Otol April. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account.

Buccinator flap as a method for palatal fistula and VPI management

In axial pattern buccinator-based myomucosal flaps, the mucosal paddle is nearly constant. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg.


In summary, our findings demonstrated that using BMFs could be a safe, effective and promising method of treatment for post-palatoplasty fistula and VPI. Some pioneer surgeons in buccinator-based myomucosal flaps and the terms that they introduced. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Three main arteries of the face and their tortuosity.

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The lesion resected with safety margins, and denuded lip was reconstructed with anteriorly based buccinator myomucosal flap. Incorporation of Ib inferior buccal branch makes buuccinator blood supply more predictable.

This modification will increase flap mobility. An analysis of six cases. Apropos of 22 cases. The antibiotic dosage and pharmaceutical form were determined according to the patient’s age.

Anatomy Buccinator muscle originates posteriorly from pterygomandibular raphe and blend with orbicularis oris muscle anteriorly.