The Building and Other Construction Workers Act is a social welfare legislation that aims to benefit workers engaged in building and. Get to know the various forms in The Building & Other Construction Workers( Regulation of Employment & Conditions of Service) Act, (27 OF ). [19th August, ]. An Act to regulate the employment and conditions of service of building and other construction workers and to provide for their.

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Power of appropriate Government to make rules for the safety and health of building workers. Skip to main content. Go Back to Ease of Doing Business. Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Also, the term ‘manufacturing process’ does not involve any process for construction of buildings. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter.

Interested in the next Webinar on this Topic? The amendments in the RECS Act allow the central government to appoint and coordinate with Director Generals not exceeding 10 in laying down the standards of inspection and they shall exercise powers of an inspector in the respective area. The ambit of the BOCW Act is wide, particularly in a country where the infrastructure and construction sectors have seen significant growth.

More from this Firm. The application shall be either personally delivered or sent by Registered Post to the Registering Officer. As per Section 2 d of the BOCW Act, ‘building or other construction work’ includes ‘the construction, alteration, repairs, maintenance or demolition- of or, in relation to, buildings, streets, roads, railways, tramways, airfields, irrigation, drainage, embankment and navigation works, flood control works including storm water drainage worksgeneration, transmission and distribution of power, water works including channels for distribution of wateroil and gas installations, electric lines, wireless, radio; television, telephone, telegraph and overseas communication dams, canals, reservoirs, watercourses, tunnels, bridges, viaducts, aquaducts, pipelines, towers, cooling towers, transmission towers and such other work as may be contsruction in this behalf by the appropriate Wor,ers, by notification but does not include any building or other construction work to which the provisions of the Factories Act, 63 ofor the Mines Act, 35 ofapply.


Prohibition of employment of certain persons in certain building or other construction work.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

In the absence of adequate statutory provisions to get the requisite information regarding the number and nature of accidents was quite difficult and due to this to fix responsibility or to take corrective measures was not an easy job. Wofkers of model rules for safety measures. The WC Act is amended to prescribe a time limit of 30 days for cess collecting authorities to deposit cess to the Welfare Board.

The RECS Act regulates the employment, service conditions, health, safety and welfare measures of toher and other construction workers.

The Building and Other Construction Workers

In building and other construction works more than eight million workers are engaged throughout the country. These workers are one of the most vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India.

Functions of the Boards. The Petitioner construction companies which are engaged in construction activities argued that once the undertaking or the establishment had obtained a license for registration under the Factories Act, the BOCW Act was not applicable on account of the exclusion under Section 2 1 d of the BOCW Act.

The amendments remove the: Although the provisions of certain Central Acts were applicable to the building and other construction workers yet a need was felt for a comprehensive Central Legislation for regulating the safety, welfare and other conditions of service of these workers. The applicant is required to mention buildkng nominee i.

The validity of these notices were challenged in several writ petitions before various High Othet on the ground that the BOCW Act was not applicable to these factories as they were registered under the Factories Act.

For any queries contact labdir. Real Estate and Construction. Several questions are usually asked by people, such as:.

Building and other construction workers are one of the most numerous and vulnerable segments of the unorganised labour in India. Photocopy of first page of bank passbook. Site contents owned, maintained and updated by Dept.

It has also been considered necessary to levy a cess on the cost of construction incurred by the employers on the building and other construction works for ensuring sufficient funds for the Welfare Boards to undertake the social security Schemes and welfare measures. Building worker is defined in Section 2 e of the BOCW Act buildjng ‘ a person who is employed to do any skilled, semi- skilled or unskilled, manual, supervisory, technical or clerical work for hire or reward, whether the terms of employment be expressed or implied, in connection with any building or other construction work.


As per the RECS Act, the Welfare Board can incur expenses for salaries, allowances constructipn other administrative requirements upto five per cent of its total expenses during that financial year.

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Applicability Of The BOCW Act, On Factories – Real Estate and Construction – India

In view of the above, it is inferred that the term ‘worker’ under the Factories Act, does not involve a person involved in the construction of buildings. Appointment of registering officers.

The Registering Officer shall register the establishment and issue a Certificate nuilding Registration to the applicant, if such applicant has complied with all the requirement. Effect of non-payment of contribution. PRS makes every effort to use reliable and comprehensive information, but PRS does not represent that the contents of the report are accurate or complete.

The Developer further rebutted that only upon such verification by the concerned relevant authorities that the said plots were included in the list prepared by DTCP.

The Supreme Court has clarified that building and construction workers engaged in factory premises are entitled to welfare measures under the BOCW Act.

In case the registering officer is satisfied that an amount higher than the amount, which has been paid by the employer as fees for the registration of the establishment is payable, the employer has to pay additional sums payable for the registration of the establishment. Under the RECS Act, every building worker between the ages of 18 to 60 years who engaged in any building or construction work othef at least 90 days during the past one year is eligible to register as a beneficiary.

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