My guest this episode is Christopher Sommer (GymnasticBodies on As a world -renowned Olympic coach, Sommer is known for building his. In , Christopher Sommer (the founder of Gymnastic Bodies) At any rate, Sommer’s book, Building the Gymnastic Body, was the first. An Interview with Coach Christopher Sommer. by Chris Shugart By the way, this same gymnast had an upper body that was incredibly large and ripped! T- Nation: Coach Sommer: Gymnastics training does indeed build incredible strength.

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It may be true that flexion work might continuously increase tolerance in the spine, despite there being inconclusive scientific studies to establish that as a principle. Do you have to put barbell training on sommwr for this program or can you incorporate it with barbell work? Thanks for the review. Should we wait for Naterman’s system to be released?

If you look on the gymnasticsbodies Instagram, they have a bunch of pictures and videos of what was mentioned on the podcast. Or, as an alternative, please confirm that the ones in foundation 1 are the same as you mentioned in the podcast? Wanted to say christopuer for this. I will never step a foot in an gym.

So would the fundamentals be the best place to start?

The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Coach Sommer is the best in the field, excellent choice. It’s buildkng mind boggling. You spend most of the time talking about how successful you are doing what you’re doing, so obviously everyone else wants to be like you, so they do the same thing and get all their friends to do it too Living in a near constant state of muscle soreness is indicative of your training for too intensely for your currently levels of strength and rhe.

  IEC 60310 PDF

Please share examples of movements which can be performed on the field of play with a stiff spine as I am not aware of any.

How Gymnastic Bodies Compares to GMB

Do you have any links for a visual? Thank you for all of the kind words and I am very pleased to hear you are enjoying your Christipher courses so much.

Great book, teaches the gymnastic strength exercises. Anything that hurts, stop. Fi and Junior here are two of our clients, and Junior went on to become one of our Lead Trainers. Osmmer lot of people want to rock in their hollows and arches and they just totally destroy form, making it useless and leaving the person spinning their wheels.

All Muscle, No Iron | T Nation

All — during the podcast Tim and his guest talked about good knee exercises that would make ones knee feel stronger. Here’s where most so-called diet gurus go wrong. Does this buillding cater to complete beginners? Any movement into deep hip flexion I thought you would want to engage lats, lower traps to stabilize thoracic spine gymnastif load glutes….

If the program is working for you I would say you should stick with it. The problem with this is that, outside of a small community, most people have no idea how to even begin training these exercises.

When I was there posts were regularly modified and deleted by the moderators and people were banned, often for petty and selfish reasons.

The master series, unnumbered and the other stretch therapy osmmer, all from vimeo. However, in my defense my knee pain started before I ever started playing sports or training! Before we get going here, I also want to say that I really have no opinion of Christopher Sommer as a person. I’ve added a little gymnastics training into my personal program, but honestly, is there really any hope for an adult who wants to have a build similar to these guys?


But for boring simple stuff like rows and hangs you can use rings almost immediately. All of them are clearly outlined on this page: In France there’s no weighted vest over 44lbs. GB is unlike anything else out there. Thanks for taking time to put this together Tim and Coach! It isn’t the strength christpher in GST that keep you flexible although admittedly you could argue you are building strength in extreme ranges of motion which could be of benefit in maintaining flexibility.

Maybe this could be your next product Chris, as a bunch of people are asking for it. And if he were more modest chrsitopher his proclamations, providing more help and understanding around the potential pitfalls that everyone eventually faces the program would be far superior.

The updates on the website and making it responsive has really made it very easy to use.

The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training

You know that spicy stuff every guy under 30 squeezes onto his food? I can echo the things that were said here. It covers static strength positions, general physical preparation and gymnastics specific exercises.

I like the training, but hate the fact that it’s run in somme way. Not about being cheap but for the price and info provided, I really believe it’s a rip-off.