Incorrect use of the positioner Type and Type can be dangerous to people, Bürkert. In view of the wide range of possible application cases, check . ,.nearby. environment.. The device is designed to be mounted on. Buy Now, In Stock: Burkert , Type Digital Electropneumatic Positioner for Integrated Mounting on Process Control Valves.

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The design of the System Type continuous ELEMENT enables the easy integration of digital automation modules whether they are simple Positioner Basic, high-capacity Positioner with optional integrated fieldbus interface or even a digital process controller with easy handling thanks to the backlighting of the graphics display.

Page TypeAuxiliary 86922 Operating structure: Page 42 A or control function B. Some fields are missing. The determined PID parameters can be seen via the operating menu and re-optimized at will for an empirical path.

Burkert Type 8692 Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Page TypeAdditional technical information Adjustment. Designs TypeDescription of System 5.


After connecting the electrical voltage, the actuator moves to burert set end position! Select required menu option Also See for Operating instructions manual – pages. Page TypeAuxiliary functions Starting.

Burkert Type – Positioner TopControl

TUNE No supply burkrrt connected. Page – Error messages while the P. Please accept cookie privacy policy first. Enter the operating mode of the valve actuator. Page TypeAdditional technical information The k value of the continuous valve should have at least the value which is calculated according to equation 1 or 2 which is appropriate to the application, however it should never be far above the calcu- lated value.

To do this, the program moves through the valve stroke in 20 steps and measures the associated process variable. TUNE is running automatic self-optimization. If a stroke limit was set in the X.

The handling of the settings differs for the various control functions. Spltrng – Signal Split Range position controller.

Cutoff – Sealing Function TypeAuxiliary functions Select K-factor The submenu for the setting of the K-factor is displayed. Transfer of several process values. MENU Press for approx. If there are burkegt from the set-point state, messages are output according to NE TypeOperation To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 25 – The.


Z1 represents a disturbance variable. Behavior of the actuator when safety position deactivated or activated Selection SafePos off — The actuator remains in the position which corresponds to the set-point value last transferred default setting.

Burkert Type 8692 – Positioner TopControl

Can be combined with. Type Digital electropneumatic Positioner for the Product Overview Process and Control Valves. The device incorporates the main function groups – Position sensor – Electro-pneumatic control system – Microprocessor electronics The position sensor measures the current positions of the continuous valve. Burekrt TypeDescription of System MODE menus are set in the same way. We reserve the right to make technical changes without burkwrt. Default of the set-point value via the standard signal input