achieved by pneumatic button operated gear shifting mechanism. . vehicle this is automatically button operated electromagnetic gear changer for two wheeler. ENGINE TWO WHEELER VEHICLE device. when a gear shifting up of an automobile trasnmiosson is to effected. The two buttons are used to activate the electro-magnetic coil so that the gear will be shifted. . though the initial cost of button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system is very high, but it is very much. desired ride on their two wheelers. Button Operated Electromagnetic Gear Shifting System The two buttons are used to activate the electro-magnetic coils.

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Button Operated Gear Changing System For Two Wheeler

The structure is something like pipe. Sandesh Itani – November 15th, at 5: Megha Hurkude – August 2nd, at 6: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Accelerator- Use for increasing engine acceleration. Unknown – September 27th, at 7: I liked this project a lot and would wish to know abut it further in detail.

Sai kiran Reddy Madireddy – October 21st, at 9: Electromagnetic solenoid- It is attached to gear shifting lever. Bhavesh Patil – January 20th, at But I want to know that the approximate cost of the project. To neutral the gear green color switch is operated and then vehicle is started.


Kirupa Karthikeyasiva – December 10th, at 9: Electromagnet solenoid is a switch operated by electric power supply from battery of vehicle. Krishna Km – June 25th, at 2: I am interested to do the project eagerly.

Battery- This device store electric current. I like this project. Gear shifting switch panel- It is attached to electromagnetic solenoid.

Now the project mainly concentrates on designing and demonstrating the switch operated gear mechanism unit to operate gear lever for engaging or disengaging the gear. Gear shifting lever- It use for shift the gear. Farhan Haider – October 7th, at 3: Sudhakar Singh – April 8th, at 4: Sai Ram – November 5th, at Unknown – September 8th, at 2: Our project achieves higher safety, reduces human effort, reduces the work load, reduces the vehicle accident, reduces the fatigue of workers and reduces maintenance cost.

In which coil is present between these two coils iron rod is present.

Button Operated Gear Changing System For Two Wheeler

When vehicle to start, gear should be at neutral position. Your email address will not be published.

The gear is engaged by pressing the lever, and disengaged by pressing same lever in opposite direction under the control of the driver. Saksham Goel – January 21st, at 7: Adesh korde – July 20th, at 1: Anonymous – January 21st, at 6: To engage the gear switch no.


This project emphasizes on minimization of harmful efforts of pressing the gear lever. When we give electric supply that coil then it generates magnetic flux and due to this magnetic flux iron rod push inside this solenoid.

Unknown – August 30th, at 4: Solenoid- solenoid is a device. Rangasreenuvasulu Ullakkigari – August 26th, at To buy this project call Reply. I m interested in this project … Can you please send me full working video of this project Reply.

I like this project very much. Clutch lever- It is attached to the handle. In our project, the control switch is used instead of the gear lever in vehicles or automobiles and the gear lever is attached with electromagnet solenoid to operate gear lever.

I like this electro,agnetic very much ,so please tell me the full details about this project which will be very help full to do this project.