Read High Voltage Engineering book reviews & author details and more at C L Wadhwa, was a former Professor and Head, Department of Electrical. High Voltage Engineering [C.L. Wadhwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive. The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive exposition of various discussions of High Voltage Engineering. Generation of a.c., d.c. and impulse.

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Saumya marked it as to-read Apr 22, SF6 gas insulated power transformers make use of sheet aluminium conductors for windings and turn to turn insulation is provided by a polymer film.

The compound used in case of impregnated paper is a semifluid and when the cables are laid on gradients the fluid tends to move from higher to lower gradient. A few trials around this point will give us the breakdown value of the dielectric strength.

The variation of current as a function of voltage is shown in Fig. When a gas is heated to high temperature, some of the gas molecules acquire high kinetic energy and these particles after collision with neutral particles ionize them and release electrons. Mica can be mixed with the required type of resin to obtain its application at different operating temperatures.

PVC material has many grades. The term thermal ionisation in general applies to the ionizing actions of molecular collisions, radiation and electron collisions occurring in gases at high temperatures. Following methods are used for elimination of void formation in the cables: Of the simple gases air is the cheapest and most widely used for circuit breaking.

The variation over a large range is shown in Fig. It has been found that liquid with solid impurities has lower dielectric strength as compared to its pure form. He found that the current at first increased proportionally as the voltage is increased and then remains constant, at I0 which corresponds to the saturation current.

Even though it has not been possible to explain the physical phenomenon associated with breakdown of the materials, with accuracy and precisiveness, an attempt has been made to bring out some of the theories advocated by researchers in this field in a simple lucid and organised way.

In India, we already have kV lines in operation and kV lines are being planned. It allows transfer and absorption of water, air and residues created by the ageing of the solid insulation.


Highly polished and thoroughly degassed electrodes show higher breakdown strength. Sometimes sharp electrode ends are enclosed by a large dimeter hemispherical electrode hav- ing a smooth aperture. In this method it is very important to select a suitable type of simulation charges and their location for faster convergence of the solution e.

Also to solve for such fields as very large number of V x, y values of potential are required which needs very large computer memory and computation time and hence this method is normally not recommended for a solution of such electrostatic problems. The positive ions will liberate electrons by collision with gas molecules and by bombard- ment against the cathode.

There are various ways in which this energy can be supplied to release the electron. Discuss the basic philosophy associated with charge simulation method for evaluation of electric field distribution. Insulation coordination and over voltage protection. The discharge is then said to be self-sustained as the discharge will sustain itself even if the source producing I0 is removed.

High Voltage Engineering

If not, increase the voltage everytime by 2. A good heat conducting metal will cool its surface faster and hence its elec- trode surface temperature will fall which will result into reduction in evaporation rate and arc will be chopped because of insufficient vapour. As a result of this, two capacitors in parallel are formed by the roll. Shamara Seneviratne marked it as to-read Mar 22, Obtain inverse of this matrix and calculate the magnitude of charges simulation.

The presence of even 0. Oil, besides being a good insulating medium, it allows better dispersion of heat. Also, this method is not suitable for highly irregular electrode boundaries.

This property, therefore, gives rise to very high dielectric strength for SF6.

High Voltage Engineering CL Wadhwa PDF BOok Download | Engr AttaurRehman –

The measurements using high voltage Schering bridge, transformer ratio arm bridge and partial discharges yield information regarding the life expectancy and the long term sta- bility or otherwise of the insulating materials.

This is the line of action adopted by the researchers to study mechanism of breakdown in vacuum. Other important properties are viscosity, ther- mal stability, specific gravity, flash point etc. The book takes a view of various types of transients in power system and suggests classical and more modern statistical methods of co-ordinating the insulation requirements of the system.


The space charge field, therefore, plays a very important role in the mechanism of electric discharge in a non-uniform gap. In a uniform electric field which usually can be developed by a small sphere gap, the field is the strongest in the uniform field region.

It is elastic and resilient. Two layers of dielectric are used as without it rolling would short circuit the plates. If it is less than 30 kV, the oil should be sent for reconditioning. For low currents a highly mobile cathode spot is formed and for large currents a multiple number of cathode spots are formed. The raw materials used for the silicon rubber are sand, marsh gas, salt, coke and magnesium. If this field intensity is within the permissible value of desired field intensity we stop as the optimal configuration is obtained right at the first step.

In order to calculate maximum thermal voltage, let us consider a point inside the dielectric at a distance x from the central axis and let the voltage and temperature at the point are Vx and Tx, respec- tively.

It should be noted that the breakdown voltage with negative polarity is higher than with positive polarity except at low pressure. It has been ob- served that higher the vapour pressure at low temperature the better is the stability of the discharge.

It should be non-hygroscopic because the dielectric strength of any material goes very much down with moisture content Vulcanized rubber: The life time of certain elements in some of the excited electronic states extends to seconds. Best results of oil treatment are obtained by a combina- tion of Fuller earth and subsequent drying under vacuum.

However, as wqdhwa earlier a good experience of selecting type and location of simulation charge may solve some of these problem. Some of wzdhwa latest circuits have been discussed and rigorous math- ematical treatment of the circuit has been given to make the subject more interesting and to make the student understand the subject better.