In , nVent ERICO completed the development of and patented the nVent ERICO Cadweld Exothermically Welded Connection. nVent ERICO Cadweld. Cadweld molds position and prep materials that need to be welded. Ground your equipment with a welding mold from GME Supply. Give us a call or live chat us. Because the CADWELD® PLUS process uses a high temperature reaction of powdered Copper oxide and Aluminium the mold needs to withstand these high .

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Cadweld Exothermic Welded C.P. Cable Connections | Farwest Corrosion Control

The 5-hole model is used on “Dresser Type” pipe couplings with two welds to the pipe and three to the coupling, made through the holes. They can molss handled and stored without danger and can be shipped with no special packaging or marking. Reset Cancel Submit Sending We appreciate your feedback! Requires no special skills. If mold only less frame is required, order Welder Part No.

CADWELD Molds for Cable to Ground Rod Welded Electrical Connection

Release, and it’s out. Welder Price Weld Metal solid, or 8 solid or stranded, or 6 solid. The strands of a larger 7 strand conductor can be spread and each strand welded separately as noted in the following table: Type CATA connections are available for any combination of run and tap conductor sizes. Size Packed per Box Std.



Powerful welding magnet 50 lb rating securely positions mold during connection process. Extension Flint Lighter, 30″ long. When larger sized conductors must be attached to pressure piping systems covered by these codes, several alternative solutions are available: The bonding straps have been tested at over amperes. A 2-hole model is used across standard mechanical joints or across “Dresser Type” joints when the coupling does not have to be bonded.

And the burn tip remains cool during normal use. The mold is covered and the weld metal ignited. Adapter Sleeve Part Number.

Therefore, no galvanic corrosion can occur at the interface. Weld metal a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum is dumped into the top of the mold. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Formed Terminal Bonds may be made in the field using sleeves one per conductor end and forming them in a hammer die.

Cadweld Exothermic Welded C.P. Cable Connections

Shim Stock is useful to adapt the conductor when a variety of sizes exist and only a few connections of each one are required. Cable Connections Uses lightweight, inexpensive equipment. With mechanical connections, surface contacts are present, and can corrode, resulting in cadwelx ineffective current path. In colder climates, water distribution pipes occasionally freeze in the winter.

In some cases, the material for steel will not work. CA15 for steel pipe. F alloy is cadwwld for all connections of cable to cable and cable to steel or stainless steel pipe.


Each tube contains the starting powder at the bottom of the plastic tube, with the weld metal on top. These containers are packaged, with metal disks, in polyethylene boxes. Can be easily checked for quality.

Bonds with terminals formed on the ends are often used for bonding pipe joints and fittings. Fits all standard 14 and 16 oz propane lighters. The straps may also be used to provide continuity for cathodic protection or grounding systems. Cadweld Exothermic Welded C. You have no items in your shopping cart. The 5-hole model is used for “Dresser Type” couplings and the 2-hole model for standard joints. However, some reports from the field suggest that all ductile iron is not the same.

Has current cadwele capacity equal to that of the conductor. Can withstand MPH winds without flareout. Use in Mold for Conductor Size. Self-igniting propane torch head. Operates on its side or upside down.

Replacement Flint Igniter Only.

The exothermic reaction produces molten copper, which produces a permanent, high conductivity connection. In such cases, the molds mollds weld material for cast iron do work.

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