Ars Combinatoria. Charles Babbage Res. Centre, Winnipeg .. Zanichelli, Bologna. §Boll. Unione Mat. Ital. Sez. .. E Calcolo Calcolo. A Quarterly on Numerical. (retta e circonferenza), serie numeriche, calcolo differenziale e integrale, con integrazione multipla Casi particolari: le valutazioni combinatoria e frequentista . FAVA, Incertezza e probabilità, Zanichelli Editore, Bologna Nicola Zanichelli. Italy. ANNALS OF APPLIED . ARS COMBINATORIA. Charles Babbage . CALCOLO.

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A Paradigm of Mathematical Reasoning?

KnoblochIm freiesten Streifzug des Geistes Liberrimo mentis discursu: Descartes’s transformation of ancient geometryHistoria Mathematicavol. BowenMenaechmus versus the PlatonistsAncient Philosophyvol.

All Journals and Series

Cardano and Kepler on the regular heptagonGirolamo Cardano: Five Volumes BeckerDas mathematische Denken der Antike. Die mathematischen Zeitschriftenartikel Mit einer CD: SasakiDescartes’s mathematical thought Philosophischer Briefwechsel Bdpp. OperaLeibniz, Teubnerpp. Book IV of The Collection CoolidgeA History of Geometrical Methods The American Mathematical Monthlyp. RecallsLeibniz paid two visits to London from Paris.


AranaDescartes and the cylindrical helixHistoria Mathematicavol. MancosuThe philosophy of mathematical practice GardiesLe raisonnement par l’absurde. GregoryGeometriae pars universalis inserviens quantitatum curvarum transmutationi et mensurae.

Archive for theHistory of Exact Sciencesvol. WallisThe Arithmetic of Infinitesimals: A Supplement BosDifferentials, higher-order differentials and the derivative in the Leibnizian calculusArchive for History of Exact Sciencesvol.

StoneThe construction and principal use of mathematical instruments, translated from the French, of M.

AmmoniusOn Aristotle’s Categories Gregorius Scotus, aliique provexere” “A universal method is so far very common, the one that Archimedes brought the firstLudolph cominatorio Koln, Willebrod Snellius, James Gregory from Scotland and others improved”. Mathematical challenges in Mersenne’s correspondence.

MaronneThe ovals in the Excerpta Mathematica and the origins of Descartes??? MuellerAristotle and the Quarature of the Circle.

List of Journals and Series

LeibnizGottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: PanzaAnalysis and synthesis in mathematics: Lectures on Mathematics An elementary approach to ideas and methods Writings on the continuum problem Controversies between Leibniz and his Contemporaries.


FriedApollonius of Pergas’ Conica. StedallA Discourse Concerning Algebra:

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