amnesia, lesiones hepáticas, cálculos biliares y orina de color rojo oscuro. .. Tratamiento de los procesos pulpares y traumatismos: El. El endodoncista debe poder contestar las sig. Preguntas con las RX de revisión. periódicas. Existen áreas radiolucidas periapicales que no estaban al. See All. Photos. No automatic alt text available. Image may contain: plant. See All . Videos. Tooth fracture!! 9. 2. Cálculos pulpares! 3. Cáculos pulpares! See All.

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Molar 3-6 notoria calcificación. Notorious calcification

Alteraciones del Color de los Dientes. We will itemize each one of the sections, explaining its causes, describing them clinicaly and giving a possible treatment option, in the oulpares in which be necessary.

J Prev Dent ; 2: Tetracycline discoloration, enamel defects and dental caries in patient with cystic fibrosis. Postmorten pink teeth phenomenon: Color distribution of three regions of extracted human teth.


cálculos mamarios – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

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How we see colour. J Periodontol ; Color Res Appl ; Pigmentation of the jawbones and teeth secondary to ppulpares hydrochloride therapy. Influence of food-simulating solutions and surface finis on susceptibility to staining of aesthetic restorative materials.

Zhao Y, Zhu J. Su espesor es variable, aunque a veces desaparece con la adolescencia.

Qintessence Int ; Eur J Oral Sci ; Aunque el aspecto externo es muy variado, es frecuente que adquiera un color amarillo Fig. Dentro de este grupo podemos englobar tres grandes apartados: J Dent Res ; Poc Finn Dent Soc ; Materia alba y sarro.

Clinical evaluation of tetracycline-stained teeth tretated with porcelain laminate veneers. Minocycline-associated tooth discoloration in young adults.

Patología Pulpar by Laydet Carrasquel on Prezi

Int J Dermatology ; The prevalence of tetracycline staining in erupted teeth. Oral Surg Oral Med oral Pathol ; El primer grupo no nos resulta interesante, ya que con un simple cepillado desaparecen. J Estheti Dent ; Int Dent J pulpates Effects on plaque, gingivitis, supragingival calculus and tooth staining.


Paredes V, Paredes C. Shanghai Kou Quiang Yi Xue ; Porpagation of ligth through human dental enamel an dentine.

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