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Prove that cxlculus each of the intervals a, xj, x 2x 2a: It is most conve- nient to choose the roots of the denominator as the values of x t since they nullify some factors. Integration by Parts To use this formula the integrand should be reduced to the pro- duct of two factors: Applications of the Definite Integral Form the arithmetic mean of the values of the function f x at n points of division xx ly.

Using the results of the investigation and the above table and taking into consideration the symmetry principle, madon construct the graph of the function see Fig.

Solving Problems in Geometry and Physics 3. The function is odd, its graph is symmetrical about the origin, therefore it is sufficient to investigate the function on the interval [0, oo. As x tends to zero E will also tend to zero.

Computing Areas in Rectangular Coordinates 7.

Since the equation of the curve conta- ins y to the second power, the curve is symmetrical about the Ch VII. They are written in the following way: Determine the average value of the electromotive force E m over one period, i. Introduction to Mathematical Analysis The properties of absolute values are: Is the function even, odd, periodic?


Which of the two integrals 1 i x 3 dx is the greater? On the basis of Problem 6.


We assume that during each subinterval of time the n to body moves uniformly with a velocity equal to its velocity at the beginning of this interval, i. That is why this problem should be understood as one of finding a certain simple inductive regula- rity compatible with the given terms. Applications of the Definite Integral 7. Functions rationally de- pending on hyperbolic functions are integrated in the same way as trigonometric functions.

In constructing an a-c transformer it is important to insert into the coil a cross-shaped iron core of greatest possible surface area. Estimate the absolute error in this root. Some of them are provided with hints. Prove that if the periods of these functions are commensurate, then their sum and product are also periodic functions.

We denote by p x the exponent, i. It now remains to prove that it is bounded. Its aim is to train the students in active approach to mathematical exercises, as is done at a seminar.

Find the polynomial P x of the least degree whose graph has three points of inflection: Do they have a finite deriva- tive at all points of the domain? Find the one-sided limits of the following functions as X — 0: Additional Problems 93 function.

Find the points of extremum of the function and compute the values of the function at these points. Integral as a Fund, of Its Limits Find the second derivative at these points: Expand the following functions in positive integral powers of the variable x up to the terms of the indicated order, inclusive: In this formula the constant part of the expenses a refers to depreciation and crew’s upkeep, and the second term bv’ s to the fuel cost.


Find the extrema of the following functions: Does its formal application lead to the correct answer? Evaluation of Indeterminate Forms.

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Their Definition and Comparison The function a x is called infinitesimal as or as. Let us find the inclined asymptotes. Using the Leibniz formula give the derivatives of the in- dicated orders for the following functions: Taking all this into account, we can sketch the graph of the antiderivative see Fig.

Operations on Continuous Functions 85 c Just as in the preceding example, the numerator is continu- ous throughout the entire number scale. Do the following functions satisfy the conditions of the Rolle theorem? Consider the integral Ch. By com- bining all arbitrary constants we get a single arbitrary constant, denoted by letter C, which is added to the final answer.

Calcuuls, a Using the familiar trigonometric formulas, we find It is known that the function cos a: If they do not, explain why.