Mentor Pyxis Custom Design to Calibre Standard Interfaces. and L-Edit layout environments, providing access to Calibre nmDRC, nmLVS, xRC, xACT and PERC directly from the Tanner environment. Users can enable the Calibre RealTime toolbar through the menu, as documented in the Calibre RealTime manual. Calibre® xRC is a robust parasitic extraction tool that delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation. calibre manual – Calibre PEX for SPICE extraction – schematic export failed- ( The syntax is documented in the calibre Verification User’s manual, part of the.

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The mapfile entries must be in the following format: Types of Rule File Statements Rule file statements fall into one of the following two categories: You will pay amounts invoiced, in the currency specified on the applicable invoice, within 30 days from the date of such invoice.

Mankal models consist of the following elements: Mentor Graphics will defend or settle, at its option and expense, any action brought against you alleging that Software infringes a patent or copyright or misappropriates a trade secret in the United States, Canada, Japan, or 7. iser

Calibre manual –

Contacting Mentor Graphics Corporation Telephone: Via Reduction Example Initial via the tool finds value Resultant via cluster The tool uses value for determining the distance between adjacent vias using the following method: Braces enclose arguments showing grouping. You specify the output formats and filename locations with the PEX Calbire Distributed statement in the rule file. Additionally, the rule file contains statements for various parasitic extraction operations for example, distributed RC —the tool selects the appropriate SVRF statement for the command line invocation you provide.

When you perform hierarchical netlisting, the Calibre xRC tool outputs a netlist containing hierarchical levels matching the xcell levels. You may not, however, redefine original layers. Now click on Output. If no value is specified, the tool ignores values of zero or less, and normally reduces the cluster into one via resistor. The layout netlist contains connectivity data for the top-level cell maual subcircuits down to the primitive device level. Figure shows an example design hierarchy and resultant xcell list.


Hi, calibre LVS shows I should not use design layer for pin text. The resultant n-level netlist contains instantiated xcells.

No representation or other affirmation of fact contained in this publication shall be deemed to be a warranty or give rise to any liability of Mentor Graphics whatsoever.

Calibre Interactive and Calibre RVE User’s Manual

The PHDB stores selected hierarchical geometries, and the results of connectivity extraction and device recognition. The HDB manaul an in-memory database. Layout top layers – containing data configurations that are unique not replicated elsewhere on the mask. The PDB contains a flattened parasitic model for each entire net.

Refer to Configuring and Licensing Calibre Tools for more information on bit operations. If you add the switch to the command line, messages from the usef are printed to the transcript.

xCalibre Instructions

Layout Versus Source Name Extraction. This variable specifies a nominal resistance value for connecting shorted device pins. The terms and conditions governing the sale and licensing of Mentor Graphics products are set forth in written agreements between Mentor Graphics and its customers. You must create a new, or customize an existing, SVRF rule file. Precision is ratio of database units to user units. Accessing Related Documentation Need additional information?

If the check catches anything, the report will show the text after the. You activate this functionality using a new environment variable you specify before creating the PDB with the Calibre xRC tool. Mentor Graphics Customer Support offers responsive and flexible support options, including the following: You must change LVS command file by yourself.

Based on the text calbire rule check is that the OD or DOD layer has a density across the full chip of at least The Calibre xRC Formatter produces this summary in the formatter log, normally fmt.

  DSX 1048 PDF

See calibre -xrc -phdb on page A-2 for complete Calibre xRC command line invocation. Figure shows two examples of how information in a hierarchical netlist can differ from the actual layout. Selected nets and flattened global nets are processed with the same command line switches because, in both cases, the parasitic model represents nets extracted in their entirety and flattened to the top-level cell.

Excludes any name in the top level namespace that has the character string vdd anywhere within it. Note The primary usage difference between layout name and source name extraction is which tool you use for creating the Persistent Hierarchical Database, or PHDB.

Once these indexes load, you can use either menu option. For instance, this statement would include pin and pout, no matter what level of the hierarchy they occur manaul.

For instance, this statement would include top level net names foobar, foos, and foo1, but would not include 1foo or ffoo. This Agreement remains effective until expiration or termination. Chapter 1 Getting Started.

Calibre Manual

Consequently, this will create problems for post-extraction simulation because there is no physical connection between these net calibfe. If an infringement claim is made, Mentor Graphics may, at its option and expense: The Calibre xRC tool will not perform via grouping by number unless you specify a value for it.

The prevailing party in any legal action regarding the subject matter of this Agreement shall be entitled to recover, in addition to other relief, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses. The simulation results may not be the same as that obtained from schmetatic netlist. For example, the area and perimeter calculation might lea.