CAN CSA-B149.1-05 PDF

CAN CSA-B PDF – CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. January Note: General Instructions for CSA Standards are now called. 1 Aug CAN/CSA B January Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, Includes Supplement No. 1 and Update No. 1. Historical. 1 Jan CAN/CSA BU Update No. 1 *This update corrects Clause , which mistakenly refers to Clause The Update No. 1 revises.

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CAN/CSA-B149.1-05 Natural gas and propane … – CSA Group

Canadian gas standards adopted as B. The minimumsize of pipe, tubing, and fittings shall be determined in accordance with Clause 6. Class A or class B certificates for individuals with qualifications from elsewhere in Canada. January 19 Replaces p. A regulator with vent limiting means shall not be installed in a confined space.

Where inspection reveals defective joints, they shall be cut out and replaced. Motorized home — a vehicular portable structure of self-propelled design. Draft hood csa-b19.1-05 a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. Legends to figures arealso written as mandatory requirements. January 33 Replaces p. January 9 Replaces p. January 96A January Table C. Flexible connector — see Connector. Natural gas piping or propane vapour phase piping with operating pressures exceeding psig kPa and all liquid piping shall be at least Schedule 80 if joints are either threaded or threaded and back welded.

Service regulator — a pressure regulator installed can csa-b When water stands on the roof, either at the appliance or in the passageways to the appliance, or when can csa-b The draft hood supplied for a conversion burner shall be located so that theburner is capable of safe and efficient operation.

In all other installations, it shall be of the double-acting type. In other applications using propane, means shall be provided csa-b1491.-05 prevent liquefaction of propane. Slide-in camper — an accommodation body that csa-g149.1-05 into a standard vehicle and is designed to be easily removable.

Equipment — a device, other than an appliance, accessory, or csa-b149.105, that is connected to a pipingor tubing system. Lubricated-plug-type valve — a manually operated valve of the plug and barrel type that is a provided with means for maintaining a lubricant between its bearing surfaces; b so designed that the lapped bearing surfaces can csa-b1499.1-05 lubricated and the lubricant level maintained without removing the valve from service; c so constructed that the lubricant can be stored in a reservoir so as to be distributed evenly acn the entire lapped bearing surfaces of the valve when the plug is rotated; and caa-b149.1-05 equipped with built-in stops to limit the rotation of the plug to one quarter turn when fully opening or fully closing the valve.


Ventilation air — see Air supply. Stop-fill valve — a device in a container that is csa-g149.1-05 to automatically shut off the flow of liquid into the container when a predetermined fixed level is achieved.

Valve train — the combination of valves, controls, and piping and tubing of an appliance upstream from the manifold through which gas is supplied to the appliance and by which gas is controlled. This increase shall be made at the connection on the device.

Internal valve — a valve designed and installed csa-b Fan-assisted burner — see Burner. Fireplace — a device for burning solid fuel that has the major portion of one or more essentially verticalsides open or openable for refuelling and for the visual effects of the burning fuel. Internal relief valve — a pressure relief valve that is built into the body of the diaphragm assembly of a pressure regulator. Read the Text Version. Combustion air shall not be taken from inhabited or occupied spaces within the building.

View in Fullscreen Report. For equivalent ductlengths in excess of 20 ft 6 m up to and including a maximum of 50 ft 15 mincrease roundduct diameter by one size.

This valve shall be at the point of entry of the piping system to the building. Induced draft — a mechanical draft produced by a device downstream from the combustion zone of an appliance.

CAN/CSA-B | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Residential building — see Building. Tubing shall be supported accordingto Table 6. Safety limit control — a safety control intended to prevent an unsafe condition of temperature, pressure, or liquid level.

Vent connector — that part of a venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a draft-control device. The discharge pipe shall terminate not more than 12 in mm above the floor.


See also Clauses 4.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Careful attention shall be paid not only to themechanical execution of the work but also to the arrangement of the installation. The brickwork or other noncombustible material shall provide not less than 8 in mm of insulation between csa-b149.1-005 thimble and the combustible material. Flame baffle — see Baffle.

January 31 Vsa-b149.1-05 p. Where regulators might besubmerged during floods, either a special anti-flood-type breather vent fitting shall be installed or thevent line shall be extended above the height of the csaa-b149.1-05 flood waters. The location of the opening s shall not interfere with the intended purpose of the opening s for the ventilation air referred to in Clause 8.

Piping, tubing, csab-149.1-05 fittings previouslyused with other gases may be reused with natural gas, provided that a it is ascertained that the piping, tubing, or fittings to be used are equivalent to new material; and b the piping, tubing, or fittings to be used are cleaned, inspected, and tested. It shallbe wired into the safety limit circuit of the primary safety control to shut off the gas in the event ofair-supply failure.

No other valve shall be used to control or terminate the purge; and c smoking shall not be permitted, and maximum precautions shall be taken to either remove or shut off any source ca-b149.1-05 potential source of ignition fan to commencing the purge. Vent — that portion of a venting system designed to convey flue gases directly to the outdoors from either a vent connector or an appliance when a vent connector is not used.

Users of the Code are advised that the change markers in the text are not intended to be all-inclusive and are provided as can csa-b The ground shall first be prepared and provided with gravel for drainage. This air-supply opening requirement shall be in addition to the opening for ventilation air required in Clause 8.