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Yearly report Labour Inspectorate This would mean that this payment system is not so much a substitute for fixed pay systems, but rather a small extra to attract new personnel. Also, the rise in social premiums was quite limited in Centraal Bureau voor klinmetaal Statistiek. They warn that these changes are, however, mostly the result of composition effects: Personal primary income PPI: WP – De loonkloof tussen mannen en vrouwen.

Labour volume of working persons. Tell us what you think. The ministry of social affairs also planned four pilot projects to improve chances of workers with a work handicap to have a job at a regular employer. These constructions can be klsinmetaal own account or for a fixed price or on contractual basis. This is shown in the following figure. Click to share this page to Facebook securely.

Sometimes trade unions were capable of exchanging working time reduction for less wage growth. This result is also found in the EWCS —data kleinmetal helps to strengthen the reliability of this self-reported data.


They wanted to give employers with difficulties, some more room for manoeuvre. The amount shown is inclusive the employer and employee social security payments.

This component reduced the rise with 1. The demarcation between Industry and other sectors in the nomenclature is not always very precise. Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau]. This inequality has not changed. The multifactor productivity is that kleinmetsal of growth of production or added value which cannot be accounted to any of the other separate production sources.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis

The degree in which income inequalities become bigger, the higher the Theil coefficient. Figures delivered by CBS. Inthe rise was limited to 0. The main reason was that employment stayed at the high levels as before the crisis. But this was already the kleinmetzal before the crisis. The figures forand have been compared to During the negotiations, it became quite clear that the employers were not prepared for any pay rise what so ever.

Sociaaleconomische trends4e kwartaal, Wage inequality has traditionally been quite limited in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands: Evolution of Wages during the Crisis | Eurofound

The following table shows their results:. It is unclear why this percentage has stabilized. Braam and Poutsma have studied the influence of financial participation by management and workers on the performance of companies. Nationale rekeningen ; Arbeidsrekeningen. This helped to reduce the number of overtime with exceptions for shift workers.



Constant or current prices real or nominal terms: The wage drift was reduced in the crisis years. A well-known and much used indicator for income inequality is the Theil coefficient Figure 1.

In Figure 2, the total inequality of wages in the Dutch labour market is compared to other countries in the EU. Wages rose lower than expected, mainly because of the limited change in the incidental wage-part bonuses, profit sharing, overtime, ageing of work force was not expected. Also, income in kind for example, the value of the private use of the car leased by the employer are accounted to PPI.

This would mean that the room for further improvement of wages has dissipated kleinmstaal the crisis.

Wage growth has slowed down, but not completely disappeared; mainly the wage drift has disappeared. Their analysis delivers some more insight.