Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. Michael Postulating the subjective existence of each individual’s ego, Peter J. Carroll offers up an. LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . The Homepage of Peter J Carroll. A Site about Three Dimensional Time. Hypersphere Cosmology and more.

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I never get tired of reading this. Blood sacrifice is most effective and most easily controlled by the use of one’s own blood, which is customarily allowed to fall upon the sigil or talisman of the demon. If you’re tired of overly-complex rituals based on some medieval mythos that seems like a joke to you, then this is the book for you. The numbers on the squares represent the number of squares a ship can move in that direction for the expenditure of a single speed point.

Often the wished for result arises only when it has been forgotten. Handcarved from a bar of solid element 13 Aluminium, dedicated to Ouranos. This magical instruction involves three techniques: These are important dualities for “civilized” society. This technique is the basis of casting sigils and creating independent thought forms. Mere ideas follow suit.

Close proximity or even contact with the target is otherwise required. The solution is to become omnivorous. He gave man free will to do good or evil. Adepts seek perfection in all aspects of personal magical power, wisdom and liberation.

Having recieved initiation into the most august of western esotericism’s linneages on my birthday at full moon in the year of my second saturn return, ….

The magician first programs himself into identity with the god by arranging all his experiences to coincide with its nature. It is the aether, which surrounds the central core of the life force, with which the magician is concerned.


When such things are created by a group or tribe of persons over a psychonsut period, they are known as fetishes.

Peter J. Carroll

The best methods of obtaining symbolic intermediate results are those which are just below the threshold of deliberateness, but above the threshold of pure randomness. Mar 05, David Cheuquen Barrientos rated it liked it. The three methods of attaining magical trance will only yield results if pursued with the most fanatical and morbid determination. In the ecstatic laughter of men I see their volition toward release.

Though one may get to fear the sight of it, a properly kept magical record is the surest guarantor of success in the work of Liber MMM: Like the physical motionlessness, this mental motionlessness should be practiced at set times and also whenever a period of inactivity presents itself. They are able to be reminded of the obscure by 76 the more obscure.

Attachment itself is a form of love in which the loved becomes a mere useless appendage when 84 passion is baulked of fulfillment and a partial reaction, an element of loathing, ah entered on. No page should be left blank.

The initiate first prepares himself by fasting, sleeplessness, and exhaustion. Image Concentration Psycnonaut part of the mind in which pictorial thoughts arise is brought under magical control by image concentration. Having said that, don’t neglect it.

Specularium – Peter J. Carroll

I am a colony of beings sharing psyhconaut same envelope. This essence or spirit can be made to go into other things by bringing the signature-bearing objects into contact with whatever is being treated.

To hold an object with an absolutely fixed, unwavering gaze for more than a few moments proves extraordinarily difficult, yet it must farroll persisted in for hours at a time. The Rites of Chaos. It is the “medium” by which he “non-existent” chaos translates itself into “real” effects.


The book can be a bit overly woo-woo at times and woo is present throughoutwhich is not my cup of tea, but the ideas can be very easily interpreted czrroll a psychological framing, as metaphors used to trick your mind into attaching meaning to certain concepts, and then linking those newly emotionally-charged concepts to your individual goals.

Two complete volumes in one.

His writing is straightforward and isn’t bogged dow This book was amazing. Yet it was anything that it touched, I am this illusion and I am not this illusion Amen. We are just living out the chaotically complex forces which spawned us and which will one day reduce us to nothingness again. Nothing is unchangeable except change itself. This operation is traditionally known as attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Residing in the ultimate freedom possible on the plane of illusion, it has choice of duality.

The reification, or making real, of a desire is possible through the autoerotic mode of the quadriga sexuahs. Anathemism is a technique practiced directly upon yourself. The most powerful minds cling to the fewest fixed principles.

The supplementary alphabet of the somatic emotions shown in figure 10 corresponds to the four elements: Before proceeding with sigils or dreaming, it is essential to develop an effective Banishing Carrkll. Neurophysiology has finally stumbled on what magicians have pstchonaut by experience for millenia. Plenty of good cheer this week, married off my eldest daughter to a fine scotsman, dog bit my sporran mistaking it for a badger, it.

We can know How everything happens but there is no reason Why.