By , the issue of autonomy reforms had become critical and had drawn international interest. In November of that year, the Council of. Génesis y praxis de la Carta autonómica de en Puerto Rico (Spanish Edition) [Eda Milagros Burgos-Malavé] on *FREE* shipping on. Carta autonomica de pdf. log ciwwo – Downloader. Carta autonomica de. pdf. Download Carta autonomica de pdf.

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The telephone service is inaugurated in San Juan. On April 13, The U. Currency is exchanged, Puerto Rican peso to the dollar.

The Platt Amendement defined American-Cuban relations for four decades. The telegraph is introduced into the island with the assistance of Samuel F.

Puerto Rico

On March 1, the first telegraph lines were formally registered and authorized by the Spanish colonial government. All content included on this website, is not public domain material. The sugar and coffee industry was devastated. The majority of Puerto Ricans lived in extreme poverty. The school licensed primary carts teachers, formulated school methods, and held literary contests.

Congress to intervene in Cuba, to stop the war between Cuban revolutionaries and Spain. On April 11, U. On February 9, the new government officially opened for business in the spring of On September 9, U. Email required Address never made public.


InSpain offered an Autonomic Charter to both Cuba and Puerto Rico in a desperate attempt to retain its last two colonies in the Western Hemisphere.

Postal service is extended to the Island. The highway system was enlarged, and bridges over the more important rivers were constructed. His daughter and son-in-law Edward Lind had a plantation outside Arroyo. Freedom of assembly, speech, press, and religion were decreed and an eight-hour day for autonomcia employees was established.

Notify me of new comments via email. On June 25, the U. It rained for 28 days straight and the winds reached speeds of miles per hour. Bythe Cuban war of independence was in full swing and diplomatic relations between the United Autoonomica and Spain had reached a historical low.

Congress by a vote of to 6 in the House and 42 to 35 in the Senate adopted the Joint Resolution for war with Spain which included the Teller Amendment, named after Senator Henry Moore Teller Colorado which disclaimed any intention of the U. The federal military forces changed the name of the island to Porto Rico. The party embraced the idea of annexation to the US as a solution to the colonial situation. George Gray, and the Honorable Whitelaw Reid.

History of Puerto Rico: –

A public school system is started and the U. Approximately 3, people died in the floods and thousands were left without shelter, food, or work. Spain relinquished its sovereignty over the territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Phillippines. President William McKinley requested authorization from the U. On November 18, an earthquake occurred with an approximate magnitude of 7.


Woodford received his passport before presenting the ultimatum of the United States. The Cuban Rebels and revolutionary Puerto Ricans in the exile rejected the offer. The rebellion is planned by a group, led by Dr. For three years, the Cubans had been destroying the infrastructure of the island rendering the Spanish army incapable of launching major military actions. Spanish criminal behavior was widely publicized, and perhaps exaggerated, by the yellow press, but reporters did nothing but to say what the public wanted to hear.

The seven ministries of the new cabinet were of extreme importance and included: Furthermore, religious papers supported intervention on moral grounds, using the same axioms behind Manifest Destiny. The Spaniards had to facilitate Cuban trade with the U.

Puerto Rico – Wikiszótár

President McKinley ordered blockade of Cuba. On October 29, Hurricane Saint Narciso strikes the island. The loss of life and property damage were immense.