Avalon Fletching Jig Avalon Magneto Fletching Jig. This great value for money fletching jig from Avalon is easy to set up and simple to use, the. Based on the Spigarelli jig, Cartel’s version allows for a good job and with it’s price hard to beat. Designed for desk top use with magnetic clamp, easy to use and. For anyone who asked for the Cartel Fletching Jig instructions they can be found on this link.

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Good quality and easy to use I made a mark on the centre nock position to make things a little easier.

Cartel Fletching Jig

A great jig well worth the money and its price is cheap. Reviews 13 Review s 1 2 3 4 5 Submit Review. No hesitation in indtructions it and well priced. Decut Fletching Jig Learn More. People who bought this also bought: If applying online, please select ‘Finance’ as your payment method during checkout and we will e-mail you an application link during working hours.

Cartel Fletching Jig User Manual

Fix it to a bench or a small instrcutions for stability while gluing the vanes in place. Your Comments Tell us what you think, do you agree with the review or have something to add?

Does not come with any instructions, so for someone whos never done any fletching before may get confused. Steve Nicholson and Andy Gilfrin, are real archers interested in the best archery suppliers have to offer. One review says “I’ve had two of these in the last three years and in both cases the bearing have gone”.


I’ve been using this jig for carhel a year, and have fletched and refletched many arrows in that time. Please, log in or register. The forwardmost one gives 3 vanes per arrow and the other gives 4. Click Search for more items.

BowSports are pleased to announce that cartell can now offer a range of finance options to our customers both online and instore minimum spend required and subject to status. BUT there are no instructions packed with it. Even for a 1st time fletcher I was able to fletch a dozen arrows easily.

Archery Interchange UK Cartel Fletching Jig Instructions here

Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. If urgent or travelling to our showroom, please always call or email so we can confirm availability. The jig also has an adjuster on the clamp which allows some adjustment in the tension or gripping power of the clamp itself, not sure that this is necessary, I have never missed this adjustment on other clamps and doubt it would be used once set, but it’s there for those who want it.

Skitney on Jan 20, Why pay instrucyions when this does the business. Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive deals, offers and news: You can fletch totally straight, or offset at a slight angle to impart more spin.


Thank you for your support. Arnold Andrade on Aug 29, I eased the tightness on the 1st grub screw 3 fletchand took out completely the 4 fletch grub screw, ball bearing and spring. You can spread the cost of your purchases with a typical APR of Just bought a second one and set it up for the wife’s compound arrows so that we have dedicated equipment as I am not it to ‘Black Arts’. Took a bit of time to centralise the clamp and I was away. Cartel Fletching Jig Customer Rating: Great Jig, had mine over 3 years now.

Steve archers-review on Aug 18, Adjustable fletch angle, 3 or 4 fletch positioning. Great fletching jig at a great price. Might add a little grease to this area and the ball bearing to help with the turn.

I’ve had two of these in the last three years and in both cases the bearing have gone. It doesn’t do helical fletching the Midas MX jig does this, however.

Cartel Fletching Jig

It seems a common complaint is the lack of instructions provided, however the use of a fletching jig is quite intuitive once you have played with it for 10 minutes. Beiter Tri Liner Learn More. Sharing our passion for archery since !