Texas Instruments CD Latches are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments CD Latches. Quad R/S latch with 3-state outputs. Rev. 11 — 24 March Product data sheet. Table 1. Ordering information. All types operate from °C to +85 °C. CD datasheet, CD circuit, CD data sheet: FAIRCHILD – Quad 3- STATE NOR R/S Latches. Quad 3-STATE NAND R/S Latches,alldatasheet.

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Dec 8, 45 0. Look for “Wake-up on pin change”, not interrupt. Dec 17, No, create an account now. I would disagree, but I may be missing the picture here. I will fix that tonight. Yes, datasehet password is: I see a small error from moving parts around.

I think you need to re-evaluate how much power is required by “keeping the interrupts alive”.

CD Datasheet Fairchild Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Thanks for the update. The reason why I was looking at concentrating everything in Hex Latches instead of Quad Latches was to reduce the IC count and, with this, to have a cleaner design of the traces. I always believed it was easier to search from something when datasbeet know the technical term. I think I will have to stick with that option for now.

For this reason is important that the circuit is able to record a state change even if brief without any clock or external intervention. Dec 11, 6. Sign up using Facebook. I will let you know how it turns out once I can get someone to test it. On processors such as the Atmel AVR that power is in dztasheet single microamp region – the clock doesn’t need to be running.


Quote of the day. Most MCUs inputs can’t be configured datasheeg internal pull-downs, only with pull-ups. You can achieve the same externally in your PCB design, very easily albeit with a lower density, you’re right. Any suggestion on how to implement this otherwise?

Backup question maybe deserving its own question: I see how you are using the output of IC1A to reset the others and diodes to control signal flow. Sign up using Email and Password.

I would prefer a non-toggle action. Dec 19, 2, Post as a guest Name. Jan 7, I would spare the fixed via to the enable having it routed to the MCU and used to control the reset AND the enable itself and would have all the resets linked together in a clean way.

Can’t yet wrap my head around applying a D datxsheet JK that way. One thing I did find is that with dataaheet.

Other manufacturer searches related to CD4043

Is the enable line capable of effectively “resetting” the latches? So moving those diodes and disconnecting the Datashwet and barQ will make it pretty much the same as Ken’s diagram if I’m not mistaken aside from the output transistors.

To conserve bandwidth, I only needed 1 bit in a synchronous “sub-frame” channel to send the analog signal as a digital FM signal of 0 to 1kHz. The shortcoming is that I have 4 separate resets, while ideally I would need only one. OTOH, you might way to use the common enable in the CD to implement the solution you’re looking for.


CD Datasheet PDF Fairchild Semiconductor –

A state change on the inputs would wake the MCU – whereupon it reads the inputs and then goes back to sleep. With all these invisible radio frequencies flying through the air, we should know a little bit about what exactly they are!

You can use RS flip flop or D flip flop to make a circuit for the requirement. Email Required, but never shown. Once you correct that, can you go through exactly what the circuit is supposed to do? Hi, thanks for the reply! In this scenario a common reset channel on the IC would help maximizing the numbers of available latches in the same footprint and make the circuit more elegant and simple.

LED selection indicators controlled by multiple switches

ON part of the switch is datasbeet used but has Vo I could split the poles having 2 isolated switches and connect per original idea. Thanks for all your help so far sorry for the long winded thesis below Finally got more specifics on the circuit I’m modding. The CD is indeed the one I have in the design now. Many thanks to the both of you for your help!

LED Indicators Posted by opalloyd in forum: Multiple LEDs each controlled by a button Posted by hbim in forum: