Kolejna odsłona (Notorious); Dziewczyna super 3. Niepokorna (Reckless); Dziewczyna super 4. Bez przebaczenia. book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Wikipedia(5 entries). edit. frwiki It Girl; nowiki The It Girl; plwiki Dziewczyna Super; ptwiki The It Girl; svwiki The It Girl. Dziewczyna Super by. Cecily von Ziegesar,. Małgorzata Strzelec (Translator). avg rating — 12, ratings — published — 26 editions. Want to Read .

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I liked the character’s perspective on things; that she could have dizewczyna even though she went alone and she was not one of the popular ones etc.

Cecily von Ziegesar

Or are they just completely different with the only thing in common Prom? I picked this up because it’s currently prom season, and I thought it might be enjoyable to read some short stories about it.

Some mostly Primate the Prom were just overt, nasty homophobia. Apology 1 – Ned Vizzini – 1. I feel like these words are written on my arms whenever I push up my sleeves, written on my cheeks whenever they relax out of my fake smile. Breaking my one-sentence-each rule for vin, but Trivia About 21 Proms. It was a “how many places my boyfriend and I had sex” retelling and it was just gross and raunchy and no purpose and kind of disgusting in a sense because why would you have sex at prom like how disrespectful can you actually be?

I realize teens are horny, especially boys, but just the way it was written was just gross. I usually honor Levithan’s writing on gay couples, however this one was a little boring. The entire family depicted in this story was awfully abrasive.


The Backup Date – Leslie Margolis: A girl struggles with finding out who she’s goint to prom with, and ends up going with three guys. Aimee Friedman–an interesting way to work in classic mythology and the three fates. But still–this book didn’t work for me.

Books by Małgorzata Strzelec

Despite everyone’s being friends with each other and cool about it, what happened was a dick move. Though, can we please talk about the fact that it’s and im reading a story where the characters all use MySpace? Daniel Ehrenhaft–Interesting that this was one of the few stories that told it from the perspective of a parent with a child going to prom already. I wish I could say this one was the worst but it really wasn’t, which is sad.

The story itself was actually pretty cute and enjoyable, but I just wished the author hadn’t dealt with it that way, although I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. A girl is going to prom with her boyfriend, who is a very good friend of her older brother.

What’s gayer than prom, really? I found the main character annoying, and the plot was not all that interesting for my taste. I gotta stop reading short stories anthologies Ziegewar really don’t like them. What the hell— another desperate girl story. Lists with This Book. I do admit that the book had an original idea, but it was sloppy and not worth my time. Return to Book Page.

Books by Małgorzata Strzelec (Author of Szóstka wron)

See Vonn – Lisa Ann Sandell: The girl was a rude brat and yeah not even relevant to this anthology. Nov 06, Kathy Lane rated it it was ok. Prom for Fat Girls – Rachel Cohn: Were they all high the entire time and imagined everything?


Very John Green-ish, indeed— just the right amounts of nerdy and sweet that isn’t too hard to swallow. I don’t remember much else about it, though.

The It Girl – Wikidata

She doesn’t even care what people think of her and I love it and she’s such a strong role model character. And why was this written in second person?? It was about a guy who wanted to take his gorilla boyfriend to prom.

There are some that I’m still not sure what they were about. I don’t even remember reading this story Not only is that so so so unrealistic and not even in the realm of “could happen”, it was absolutely ridiculous. Read just David Levithan’s contribution along with Aug 16, Francisca Ribeiro rated it it was ok Recommends it for: For instance, there was this one story by Libba Bray called Primate the Prom. Overall really not great.

The characters in these stories were so, so shallow.

Brent Hartinger–the play format was different. The story uses beastiality as a metaphor for homosexuality. The characters were lively and engaging, the story was fun, and I felt good after reading it.

Shutter – Will Leitch: If it was a metaphor for homosexuality, did it have to be bestiality?