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EN Caratteristiche della tensione fornita dalle reti pubbliche di distribuzione utilizzare un registratore conforme alla CEI EN In questo. Power quality has many meanings depending on what the power is used for. • Measuring PQ is all about deviations from normal state. • USERS. of European Norm Some countries have used EN as the basis for their national quality of supply regulations. But the standard’s statistical models.

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It shows a test regarding measurement GUM. A digital phase-locked loop for frequency detection. Among the most significant disturbances, due to the frequency with which they occur and the economic consequences that may result in, it is possible to recognize the phenomenon of voltage sags. In the study of consumption of the smart-sensor the three phases of measurement, the processing and the transmission of the data packet were analyzed separately.

Finally a parity byte is sent. The sensor network collects data and through special algorithms filters out the network anomalies. Since the reactive power is proportional to these two quantities, the reactive power in transit absorbed by the load will decrease.

The protocol is very simple: The structure of a smart sensor includes, therefore, an element that should be able to convert the value of the physical quantity to be detected in information of an electrical nature, which is converted into numerical form in order to facilitate the management and processing by the microcontroller.

In case of capacitive loads, for which therefore the reactive power is generated and its direction is opposite to that of reference for the active power, the situation 501600 similar, but in case of event downstream is not sufficient, there is a positive deflection of reactive power, ceii this will also change its sign. The IEC standard specifies the steps to be The Table IV presents the uncertainty requirements for followed to assess uncertainty testing instrument for any some parameters of power quality.


A method for determining location of voltage fluctuations source in electric grid. CRC Press, [2] C. The necessity to have a standard method to identify the sources of electrical power quality deterioration, and to evaluate accurately the actual proportion of responsibility of each of the players involved has been underlined.

Circuits and Systems,Proceedings. The wireless solution adopted, based on the Zigbee protocol, together with the choices made of the measuring devices and processing makes the measurement system achieve a good compromise between good performance and very low costs. In this article, an overview of the main disturbances affecting the electrical power system 05160 has been presented. Aspects of metrological calibration of power quality analyzers. In ne second phase of the project the wireless network will be completed in order to dei the algorithm for analysis of disturbances directionality.


Aspects of metrological calibration of power quality analyzers | George Seritan –

Also, once the grid voltage is distorted, a linear load absorbs a distorted current. The starting method is the study of the flow of reactive power [9]. Een issues have been investigated more deeply. Similarly, the failure was simulated upstream of the monitoring point.

The algorithm for the detection of sags is implemented within individual measurement nodes, while that for the detection 50610 directionality is performed in the router. A low-cost Internet enabled smart sensor. For the acquisition of voltage and current signals, we used two Hall effect sensors. The Power quality measurement methods, Ed.

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The next stage of processing is handled by 18F microcontroller. These latter types of sag are usually due to the supplied loads while faults are associated with the interruption of the network. Here all the signal processing is performed, pre-treated and sampled at a frequency of 4 kHz, which is necessary for the study up to the 40th harmonic, as indicated by the CEI EN Baggini, Power Quality Tutorial, Leonardo Energy,The methodology used in this situation is similar in non- www.

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This method has been implemented within a network of sensors ne a distributed measurement, and it will be illustrated in more detail in the following paragraphs. This single device realizes the SPQ block of the network shown in Fig.

Downstream of the monitoring point 3 kVA asynchronous motor has been inserted, according to the configuration presented in Fig. Intelligent sensors are used in a growing number of industrial applications in which, with the development of innovative architectures, the transducer participates in the elaboration of the overall data, which in these new configurations can be divided between all the elements [4, 6].


This latter fact is important to investigate other parameters monitored and perform a matching. Due to their characteristics, the input signal is faithfully reproduced, also ensuring excellent insulation from the network. Some processes are profoundly affected even by very short breaks, for example:.

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Thus a single-phase V power generator is represented. The standard EN [6] defines, describes and specifies The enn influential standards in the field of power quality the main characteristics of the voltage in low, medium and are EN and IEC The sags may affect one or more stages depending on the phenomena that cause them.

Comparison with the 2 adjacent measurement points implemented within the router: One of the objectives pursued in the design was to obtain the flexibility of the module, in order cwi be used for different measurements.

Testing and measurement techniques combined with 3rd harmonic Hz, 30V rms.