As author, I should perhaps outline what’s in _Celestial Teachings_ (CT). Its first seven chapters give an overview of the discovery of the. this well-reasoned book, meteorologist James Deardorff makes a compelling argument for the authenticity of The Talmud of Immanuel, an ancient scroll that. 78 Korff says that the TJ “can be obtained in the form of another book called Celestial Teachings: The Talmud Immanuel by Dr. James Deardorff.” This is.

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In einem anderen Satz sagte Jmmanuel Meier, dass er im Geiste sehr gebildet sei, was jedoch ein Unterschied ist zur mentalen Intelligenz.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel TJ: Or see my website file on the TJ’s author. For more information visit http: Have any others seen Semjase? This does not occur in either of the two Contact Notes I examined that Dearvorff typed, nor in the one typed by his assistant Contact Report 2in all of which I counted 75 occurrences of “ur” properly spaced.

Es ist verwirrend, dass Auerbach dies zur Sprache gebracht haben soll. Underground Video and Aramaisms. And they are not deardortf within the TJ, since Meier edited it. Either she did not know any better, perhaps having noticed that style in Rashid’s letter, or she believed that to be Meier’s style, or she fed it in purposely to provide plausible deniability for skeptics who might otherwise be forced to accept the reality of Meier’s contacts against their will.

If, however, it is instead inferred that Meier was guilty of typing these letters and of somehow routing the Schroder letter on its tortuous path, the skeptic should bear in mind that the general style of each of them is quite different.

Though there is some similarity between its typography and that of the Rashid letter e. Further, according to this patriarchal evidence, which the TJ supports, the earliest Gospel written in Greek Mark was itself a translation and abbreviation of Matthew, with the Gospels of Luke and John being celedtial further removed.

This is not the case, however, and Auerbach’s conclusions from his summary report, the bulk of which are stated verbatim on Korff’s pp. Now, as noted before, the deardogff of Meier’s personal style should not be unexpected within the Contact Reports, since they are his own reproduction, through a rapid form of technologically channeled “automatic writing” from the Pleiadians, of his own conversations with them he had held the previous night or so during a contact.


I have noticed that it occurs also in the copy of a German letter reproduced by Stevens Preliminary Investigation Reportpp.

Celestial Teachings: The Emergence of the True Testament of Jmmanuel (Jesus)

It turns out that the Aramaic language lacked the ability to express this comparative sense in the manner we are used to see M. The same portion of Auerbach’s summary goes on to say Korff, p.

Other ethical teachings in the TJ, not in the Gospels, include the admonition to obey the natural law of Creation true God. More on this is given in the section on the TJ’s genuineness. These are 13 instances that have been pointed out here; there may well be more. This series was recorded in Apriljust 15 months after his Pleiadian contacts had begun at that time the Swiss government and perhaps others had become aware of and attempted to intercept his receipt of photos.

An additional reason for the writer of Matthew’s omission of “logic” is that as a concept more in use in gentile lands, e.

Die Kinder, drei andere Frauen und ein Mann sahen es ebenfalls. Kinder’s ‘Light Years’, and I finished reading it a few days ago.

Celestial teachings ( edition) | Open Library

Her letter had been typed in Antioch, Turkey, a month after her close encounter, but was misrouted within the Turkish postal system and then forwarded by an alert recipient S.

So Rashid evidently had the German Bible on hand and used its particular German phraseology and vocabulary in familiar passages.

Jakes should be no surprise that an editor’s writing style will show through sections of text that he edits, and Meier probably felt that Rashid’s rendering of German in places left something to be desired.

This goes to show that one should not judge a person until all the information is at hand. Meier, however, had been educated in many ways by his earlier contacts with ETs named Sfath and Asket, and so was prepared for the TJ’s non-biblical revelations. Meier did not order or request the trip; rather, it was bestowed upon him by his ET contactor at the timenamely Asket, as a part of his ET schooling that he accepted. All in all, the Rashid and Schroder letters of and appear to have been typed on different typewriters distinct from Meier’s Contact Reports.

No part of this work, no photos and other picture collections, no slides, films, videos and no other writings or other materials etc. Dies erfordert eine Korrektur: So there is no need now to keep Auerbach’s name under wraps. Meier’s characteristic deafdorff, containing all the errors in German also found in the Semjase manuscript.


They were all expressed through his own thoughts, and were thus expressed in his own Swiss-German tongue. And in both, a space is left before a question mark, though this occurs only once in Rashid’s letter. It must be understood that in order to gain deagdorff exact understanding intended the reader should learn the German language.

Wayne Chungg marked it as to-read Dec 11, A peculiar typing style. At various points within the Jamws Reports, Semjase does come right out and tell Meier that they regard the individual’s free will as paramount, and also that the worst result that they must not allow to happen is for their contacts with him to be turned into another religion or cult, with either them being considered gods and goddesses or Meier becoming a world renowned guru. But all clues point to there indeed having been a set of original TJ papyrus rolls before their destruction.

Deardorff shows how the original teachings were altered over time and finally transformed into the Gospel of Matthew. The xelestial other alternative would be to try to cast his translation into a form that would seem fresh and never before used, such as referring to the Mount of Olives as the “Hill of Olives” or “Hill of Oval Drupes,” as an extreme example of the problem that would be encountered.

James W. Deardorff

The Pleiades Project, P. Wild Flower Pr. Therefore, for me it was of some deardkrff to see whether he had, a good 15 years later, settled on a particular method. One also needs to ask, Would the writer of Matthew have had reason to omit the word “logic” or sentences that express the concept, when editing the TJ and forming his gospel from it? You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

Dorothy marked it as to-read Mar 26, Also omitted in the report was any discussion of a very plausible reason why Meier’s contactors would have spoken to him at times in excessively flattering terms: Er kam und sagte zu uns: