Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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Note that if DomainController is defined, then WinServer is also defined, for natural reasons.

To allow taking specific actions on different Windows versions, one of the following hard classes is defined. CFEngine Enterprise supports fine-grained management of the Windows registry. Now press “esc” to exit the “Insert” mode, then type: The body common control refers to those promises that are hard-coded into all CFEngine components and therefore affect the behavior of all components.

The example policy will now be executed every five minutes along with the rest of your main policy. This bundle promises to report on any class of hosts. The Windows msi -packages will get silently installed no prompts to Cfengine under your program files directory e. Thus, CFEngine can function even if everything else fails your other file systems, your network, and even system binaries and possibly repair problems.

We’ve described setting up a small network of hosts managed by CFEngine previously, but once installed what do you do with it? In this example the docymentation lessvimsudoand deborphan will be installed upon all managed hosts – and the machine with hostname desk1 will have emacs21 installed upon it.

CFEngine Documentation Archive

This will return to the command prompt. Now exit “Insert” mode by pressing “esc”. I think that it will become much more popular when documenhation becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it ; Steve. Windows registry managementPrevious: On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability.


Posted by Anonymous On the server side, Windows Server and newer is supported. Posted by ultraplexer Windows hard classesPrevious: Now, we again run cf-promises. Note the full path to the binary in the above command. This example ensures that the Windows Time service is running on all Windows hosts, and that Remote registry is disabled on all Windows servers.

Windows share paths double backslashes also need escaping. I’ve only done so to avoid wrapping issues. For example see the copy action in this sample file.

Show systemsmanagement / cfengine-documentation – openSUSE Build Service

Bundles allow related promises to be grouped together, as illustrated in the steps that follow. I think that it will become much more popular when it becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it. Instead of specifying the bundle sequence on the command line as it was docuentationa body common control section can be added to the policy file.

These include symbolic links, file groups, user and group identifiers. Execute the following command: I hope I didn’t complicate things further.

CFEngine Documentation – Home

For example, the getgid function does not return anything on Windows. As you get familiar with CFEngine, you’ll probably start shortening this command to this equivalent:. Sorry you are correct, please see the updated code here: On the down side it uses Ruby, isn’t as easy to install on Sarge and is less well known. Site hosting provided by Bytemark Hosting. All software dependencies are bundled with the CFEngine Enterprise package.


This means it runs in the background and starts with Windows, before any user logs in. If the example contains a body common control section, delete it.

CFE Enterprise supports all of this, but we will just cover the basics in this cfenine. You cannot have duplicate control bodies i.

To avoid this, use the background attribute in the action body-part. With CFEngine this is simple. If we assume the policy server’s IP address is ‘ Note that these variables are not statically coded, but retrieved from the current system. The result is that CFEngine is always waiting for the commands to finish execution before checking the next promise. Note if your CFEngine administrator has enabled continuous deployment of the policy from a Version Control System, your changes cfemgine be overwritten!

The author has a blog at http: You didn’t make all those changes last night did you? What is the advantage of autoapt. Windows registry managementUp: Testing policies locallyUp: With this script documenhation can do more than just add packages too – you can uninstall them.

CFEngine Enterprise can maintain complete control of the state of all Windows services. CFEngine doesn’t like lines to be broken up like this.