Completely scanned Champions of Krynn set for Commodore 64 – including package and manual!. Champions of Krynn – Manual. INTRODUCTION: CHAMPIONS OF KRYNN begins after the war of the lance. The evil armies have been shattered and most of. Champions of Krynn The first game in the trilogy is Champinos of Krynn. You can find the answers to them in the Journal, which is also the manual to the.

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This spell has a very short range and care should be taken to avoid including party members in the cloud, Strength raises the target s strength by points, depending on the class of the target.

Memorizing a spell takes 15 minutes of game time per spell level, plus a mini- mum period of preparation.

Full text of “Champions of Krynn Manual”

Prepare a champoons game disk according to tire instructions on the Data Card, VIEW displays the View Menu and the char- chamlions screen of the active character. Caramon L His eyes dear for a moment and be becomes more lucid. If you like this game, you will also like. Champioons notice that he desperately needs food kkrynn rest, but be waves off your help and continues his story T hid and they missed me, but they cap- lured most of the other guards.

In addition to errors in the program, mere m occasionally prob- ferns with the disk itself. REST again if hit will continue this process taking time out of the game to do your command. Red Robe mages manusl only- use Red Robe scrolls and White Robe mages may only use White robe scrolls, A triage must cast the Read Magic spell in order to identify the spells on the scroll, A -spell disappears after it has been scribed or cast.

If the target makes its saving throw, the damage is halved. They do extra damage versus giant type monsters, KNJQHT Knights are powerful fighters and are- necessary to complete some quests, There are some magic items that may only be used by knight characters. Vertical menus select the character, item or spelt to be acted upon. Items preceded by a YES are ready for use.


In the past, a faithful Knight of the Rose named Sir Dargaard gained an item which gave him great fighting prowess, He was a scourge of the evil armies until his entire company was poisoned at a feast.

Each deity will confer special powers to clerics. There is a hole in the celling above. Go to Advanced Search. It has been some time since I have turned my mind lo the scholarly histories in which f for- merly delighted. Remember me to Maya,,” His breathing stops. Amiga Conversion Music ami Sound Effects: A spell is not actually memorized until It has been chosen from the Memorize Menu and the character has rested long enough to imprint the spell on his mind.

Then the city fell and the jewels were lost, Since then i have sought them everywhere.

Champions of Krynn

Third and fourth level spells take a minimum preparation of six hours. Simplest thing in the world, Now, who’ll place a small wager of saaay, 3 steel pieces! Roland Qustafsscn Special THartks to: Men establishing outposts to watch over these territories whilst the good forces withdrew.

It is time for a truly noble knight to go and ask that the artifact be passed on to guard the forces of good today, On a side note, you wilt be happy to know that Caramon has contacted our elite units in Solamnia. By the time I came manuall, the enemy was gone. Third Level Mage Spells Blink protects the mage, The mage blinks out’ after he acts each round, The mage may be physically attacked before he acts each round, but lie may not be physically attacked after he acts.

Knights can never use clerical scrolls, even if they may cast the spells. Mountain Dwarves are somewhat clannish and more refined than their Hill Dwarf cousins. Tm sorry for my men. But tell you.


FI ope the army gets here soon. Mirror Image creates illusionary duplicates of the mage. Going to Jelek manuzl obtain a silver rose you discover another city under evil control. There is a Wisdom Bonus table for clerics on page As an adventure campaign the game is set in a land with Dragons and Magic, both evil and good. The knights, on whom so much depends, are stretched too thin. Another thing, some of these tombs look as if they were opened from the inside.

WANDS Wands are the traditional objects of enchantment Wands generally will cast a set number of a given spell fire ball or magic missile for instance. We must secure the keep and find the. kryhn

Manuals/Documents for Champions of Krynn

You quickly look to the place where you had left the piece of championss dragon orb, it is gone! While our inventory had been decimated by Ihe recent war, we are again open and offering the finest in magical items mahual able. Shield negates the magic missile spell improves the mage’s saving throw, and may increase his AC.

Read Magic allows a mage to ready a scroll and read it. Minor Globe of Invulnerability pro- tects the caster from incoming first, second, or third-level spells. On some computer systems the character will be named after the abilities scores are generated.

Indicate the chamions then number of items the active character takes. I know the commandant has been urged to report alt this, but he has refused to do so. Your heroic actions will live forever,” The people cheer you as you accept the key to the outpost. Different computers and graphic adapters have d ifferent capabilities; experiment to create the besL Icon for each character.

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